Why do gaming laptops get so hot? [Cooling Solutions]

Can someone explain to us why do gaming laptop gets so hot? It’s like they’re constantly trying to fry my thighs. I get it, they need to be powerful machines, but can’t we find a way to make them a bit more comfortable to use? Surely there must be some way to solve this issue. Until then, I’ll just be over here fanning myself off. Gaming is hard enough without having to deal with a laptop that feels like an oven!

Gaming laptops usually got fiery while playing high-end games like CS: GO. There are a lot of reasons for heating a gaming laptop. Gaming laptops always get hot when we run some power-hungry software or games on them. Gaming laptops get heated due to many reasons if you are stuck into such trouble then you should try some possible ways to make your gaming laptop cool and fix “Why do Gaming Laptops Get so Hot – Gaming Laptop Heating Solution”.

Heat comes from different hardware parts of Gaming laptops like GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), Central Processor Unit (CPU), and Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Gaming laptops heat up due to the heat produced by these components, this is why new features like Gaming Laptop Cooling Fan are added to Gaming laptops.

Furthermore, we discussed 13 reasons of “Why do gaming laptop gets so heat”. In addition to those reasons, we also provided solutions. Therefore, if your gaming laptop is also heating up a lot, then you should go ahead and fix it after reading this article.

13 reasons of Why do gaming laptop gets so heat:

There are many possible solutions for Gaming Laptop Heating Problem, some of them will help you to cool down Gaming Laptops quickly and easily. Let’s see all these Gaming Laptop Heating Solutions, one by one.

1) Dirty Fans/Dust

One of the reasons for heating during Gaming is dust accumulation on the fan blades, leading it to spin slower thus not cooling your Gaming Device properly. Cleaning the fans once a month should keep them working effectively enough. If there are many hardware problems then you can replace this fan with another one or check if that problem is fixed by doing Hardware Diagnostic Test. So, try this Dust Removal Gaming laptop Solution!

2) Wrong thermal throttling settings of GPU

The CPU and GPU thermal throttling is one of the most common causes for which Gaming Laptop getting heated. If we open task manager, we can see that CPU and GPU usage spikes up and then goes down again in seconds or minutes time period in short intervals, that’s mean CPU and GPU are thermal throttling. To overcome this problem user has to enable the “Limit max GPU temp” option from “Gigabyte Gaming”. You can also do a Gaming Laptop Cooling Fan Fix.

3) Brightness

Gaming laptops are good for gaming, but bad for your eyes if you are playing games on a Gaming laptop’s low screen resolution because it gives the same brightness as other LCD monitors. Gaming Devices give a lot of heat that’s why Gaming laptop manufacturers provide Anti-Glare features to reduce this Gaming laptop Heating Solution.

4) Malware/Virus 

Another cause of Gaming Laptop heating is a virus attack or another malware attack so try System Restore to fix the Gaming laptop Heating problem. If it does not help then check out an external USB hard disk, flash drive, or DVD drive there are very less chances that these devices may cause heating during Gaming. Therefore, one must make sure that there is not any malware or virus eating your RAM and CPU.

5) Poor Internet Connection

Gaming Laptops give Gaming laptop Heating problems via an internet connection, so you have to check the Gaming laptop Wireless card Status and disable Gaming laptop Wireless network connection. Gaming Laptop Heating Solution Gaming router or modem if they are working fine. Don’t use Gaming Modem’s internet connection as a substitute for LAN as it may cause heating during Gaming as well as Gaming’s wireless performance is very poor. In this way, Gaming Laptop Heating Solution can be done.

6) Cooling Fan

If the Gaming laptop’s cooling fan is not working properly then it causes a Gaming Laptop heating issue so you have to replace Gaming Laptop Cooling Fan System with a new one or check out Gaming Device Hardware Diagnostic Test before doing this. For many gamers, this is also an issue that you ignore, but it still heats up your laptop a lot.

7) Dust inside your gaming Laptop

Sometimes dust accumulates between the keyboard and screen or heats sinks due to which Gaming laptops get heated after login into Windows that’s why its recommended to clean your Gaming laptop regularly with a soft wet cloth. So try this Dust Removal Gaming Laptop Solution, it might help you to fix the Gaming laptop Heating Problem.

8) Enough Airflow

Another Gaming Laptop Overheating Problem is that your Gaming laptop may not get enough airflow, due to any reason if the intake vents are blocked by dust/debris on the backside where the air flows in or if there are some other obstacles in the way of airflow then try cleaning dust inside your gaming device for this Gaming Device Fix.

9) Defective Graphics Card

Sometimes even a Gaming laptop overheating problem may be caused by a defective Graphics Card, you have to replace the Graphics Card with a new one if it does not solve your Gaming laptop heating issue then try installing the latest drivers for your GPU. Gaming Laptop fix Gaming Device Fixed Memory or CPU frequencies can also result in serious damage to your system, so do check your graphics quality before upgrading to a new laptop.

10) Firmware settings

This is something related to Gaming laptop overheating related to BIOS firmware settings in a gaming device that might cause a lot of problems during normal use and Overclocking, so try out this Gaming laptop bios update errors solution. Except this, another reason could be using overclocked/boost of CPU. Indeed, the overclocking of the CPU may lead to harm to your gaming laptop by heating it.

11) Faulty RAM

Faulty RAM is also a reason for the Gaming Laptop Heating problem. If you are unable to see the ram option in BIOS or System information then it may cause your gaming device to overheat. Try resetting the RAM modules in your gaming device. 

12) Exhausted Laptop physical location

If you recently placed your gaming in your room that’s not at a proper temperature then it may also cause serious damage to the processor and internal components of your gaming so try out this Gaming laptop too hot a solution for this issue.

13) Last Move

If none of these solutions work out well for you, then try using passive cooling like placing your gaming laptop on an insulated surface like glass or marble sheet that will help disperse any kind of extra heat your Gaming laptop generates while playing high-end games.


You’ve probably noticed that your gaming laptop gets hot. But why is it so? There are a lot of reasons for this, but the main culprits can be either bad CPU and GPU or airflow issues. It also could just be your thermal paste has expired which you can easily fix by re-applying the new thermal paste on top of the old one. 

Whatever the case may be if you’re looking for answers as to how to keep cool when your game, we hope these articles helped! If not, let us know what’s going on with yours below in the comments section. We’d love to help! You can feel free to ask us in the comment section below and we’ll surely reply back as soon as possible. Don’t forget to share this blog with other pro-gamers like you!

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