Can Plugging Phone Into Laptop Charger Hurt Battery?

Do you keep your phone plugged into your laptop all the time, even when the battery is almost dead? If so, you may be risking your battery’s health. There are a few reasons why plugging in your phone while it’s charging could do damage to your battery.

First of all, if your phone is constantly being charged by the laptop’s power supply, it can get overcharged. Overcharging can cause your battery to lose its ability to hold a charge, which can reduce its lifespan and even cause it to burst.

Another problem with constantly charging your phone is that it wastes energy. When your laptop’s battery is drained, it sends a signal to the computer telling it to turn off its power supply. The same goes for your phone. By constantly sending this signal, your phone’s battery will eventually lose power and die sooner.

Is it OK to charge phone with laptop charger?

Plugging your phone into a laptop charger can hurt your battery. While the battery may charge faster, the surge of power from the adapter can also damage your battery. Consider using a dedicated charger if you need to charge your phone quickly.

What happens if I connect phone charger to laptop?

If you connect your phone charger to your laptop, it is possible that the battery will be drained faster. This is because the laptop’s battery is trying to power both devices.

What Can Affect a Battery’s Life?

One of the many factors that can affect a battery’s life is whether or not it is plugged into an outlet when not in use. Other factors that can affect a battery’s life include the type of battery, how often it is charged, and how much heat it is exposed to.

Is It Safe to Plug My Phone into the Laptop Charger?

There is no harm in plugging your phone into a laptop charger, as long as you use caution. The risk of damaging your battery or laptop charger itself comes from overloading the devices. If you plan on using your laptop to charge your phone regularly, make sure to read the owner’s manual first and follow the specific guidelines for safe use.

Can I use laptop Type C charger for mobile?

Yes, you can use a laptop Type C charger for your mobile phone. This will not harm the battery.

Is it safe to charge iPhone with laptop?

When you plug your iPhone into the laptop charger, it seems like a great idea – let the computer do all the work. However, there are some risks that come with this practice. First of all, if the battery is already low, charging it through the laptop could make it even worse. Secondly, if the power adapter is not high-quality, this could also damage the battery. So, while it is certainly safe to charge your iPhone with a laptop battery charger, be sure to use a quality adapter and monitor your battery’s health carefully.


Whenever we have a chance, we like to plug our phones into the laptop charger and let them get juiced up. However, many people are worried that doing this will damage their battery. In this article, we will explore whether or not plugging your phone into the laptop charger actually hurts your battery and, if so, how to fix it.

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