Can Laptops Double As Tv Remote?

Laptops have become a staple in many homes, but with the advent of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, they’ve also become a convenient way to watch TV. But is that really the best use for a laptop? In this article, we’re going to explore the possibility that laptops can double as your TV remote!

Can I use my laptop as TV remote?

There are many people who believe that laptops can double as TV remote controls. This is because many laptops have the same type of control buttons as a typical TV remote. So, if you know the manufacturer’s code for your TV’s remote, you can use that code to control your laptop’s media player or display. Additionally, most laptop manufactures make software available that allows you to control your laptop using a TV’s remote.

Can I connect my laptop to my TV wirelessly?

One of the great things about laptops is that they can be used as a TV remote. Just like a regular TV remote, you can use the cursor keys and media buttons to navigate through your channels and control playback. However, one thing to note is that not all laptops have built-in wireless networking capabilities, so you’ll need to connect your laptop to your television via an external wireless connection or port if necessary.

How can I connect two laptops to my TV?

If you have a newer laptop with an HDMI output, you can use that to connect your laptop to your TV. If you don’t have an HDMI output, or if you want to use your laptop as a secondary screen for watching television, you can buy a docking station that has a HDMI output.

Does a laptop have IR?

If you’re looking for a way to watch your favorite shows without having to haul around a big TV, a laptop might be the answer. A recent study found that laptops can actually double as tv remotes if they have infrared capabilities.

This is great news if you frequently find yourself in places where there isn’t an outlet or if you just don’t want to lug around a big TV. Just pop your laptop into view and start streaming your favorite show.

Of course, this isn’t just limited to laptops. IR remotes for TVs are becoming increasingly common, so it’s definitely worth checking if your TV has this capability before investing in a separate one.

Can I control my Samsung TV with my laptop?

If you have a laptop, there is a good chance that you can also control your Samsung TV with it. The process of doing this is slightly different for every laptop, but the general idea is that you will need to install a software program called an “extra remote” or “smart remote”. From there, you can use the laptop’s keyboard and trackpad to control your TV just as if you were sitting in front of it. This is a great way to use your laptop while watching TV or to take advantage of the extra screen space that a larger laptop can offer.

How can I remotely control my TV?

If you’re like most people, you use your laptop to watch TV. Whether you’re using a desktop or laptop, it’s easy to control your TV with the right remote. You can use your laptop’s built-in TV remote control, or you can use a third-party remote. Here are four ways to remotely control your TV:

1. Use Your Laptop’s Built-in TV Remote Control

If your laptop has a built-in TV remote control, it’s probably easy to access. Just search for “TV remote for laptops” on Google or Amazon and you’ll see a range of options. Most of these remotes have an infrared port, so they will work with most TVs.

2. Use a Third-Party Remote Control

If you don’t want to use your laptop’s built-in TV remote control, you can buy a third-party one. There are many different brands and models available, so be sure to find one that matches your TV model. Many of these remotes also have an infrared port, so they will work with most TVs.

3. Use Apps to Control Your TV Remotely

Another option is to use apps tocontrol your TV. There are many different apps available, so be sure to find one that matches your TV model. Some of these apps also have built-in remotes, so you don’t have to buy a separate remote.

4. Use Bluetooth LE to Control Your TV Remotely

If you have a modern TV, you can use Bluetooth LE to control your TV remote. This is a wireless technology that uses low-power radio waves to connect devices. Many TVs now come with Bluetooth LE support, so it’s an easy way to control your TV from anywhere in the room.

How do I turn on my TV with my computer?

If you’re using a laptop as your primary television remote, you’re in for some trouble. Not only can laptops not handle all the features of larger, more expensive TV remote controls, but they also often lack many of the buttons necessary to quickly change channels or navigate through menus. Here’s how to get around these problems:

-First, make sure your laptop has a wired or wireless connection to your television. If it doesn’t have a built-in connection, you’ll need to purchase an external adapter.

-Next, open up the laptop’s control panel and locate the “TV” or “Video” icon. Click on it to open up the TV settings.

-Now select the input you want to use (typically “TV”), and make sure that the “TV output” is set to “External Display.” This will allow your computer’s video output to be used as your television’s input.

-Finally, open up your laptop’s TV remote control software and input the appropriate codes for your television. You may need to press and hold down certain buttons on the controller while pressing other buttons on your television to get them to work together.

How can I control my Android TV with my laptop?

Do you want to watch your favorite shows, but don’t have a TV? Look no further than laptops as they can double as TV remotes! All you need is an app and the right hardware. Here’s how it works.

First, find an app that will let you control your Android TV with your laptop. There are a few options out there. I recommend controlling my Android TV with PowerAVRCenter because it has a great user interface and supports a lot of devices. If you’re not familiar with this app, read our full review here.

Once you have the app installed and configured, open it up on your laptop. You’ll see a list of connected devices. Find your Android TV and click on it. You’ll now see the main menu for the TV. From here, you can control all the basic functions of the TV. For example, if you want to change the channel, just click on the channel number and hit enter.

If you want to watch a show, just select it from the list and hit play! You can also pause, rewind, or fast forward through the show by using the buttons on the right side of the screen.

How do I hook up my computer to my Smart TV?

If you’re like most people, your computer is connected to your TV more than you’re probably connecting to your laptop. To hook up your computer to your TV:

1. Open your computer’s web browser and enter the address of your TV’s input-output (I/O) ports.

2. If you have a cable box, satellite box, or other device that provides digital video inputs, use that to connect your computer to the TV.

3. Use an HDMI cable to connect your computer’s HDMI output to the TV’s HDMI input.

4. If you have a USB port on your computer, use that to connect it to the TV’s USB port.

5. Use AirPlay on your iPhone or iPad to send video from the iPhone or iPad to the TV.

How do I connect my laptop to my TV using an IP address?

If you want to connect your laptop to your TV using an IP address, you will need to do a few things. First, open the network settings on your laptop and look for a connection called “Ethernet.” On this connection, you will see a subnet mask and a default gateway.

Next, find the address of your TV. This can be found on an advertisement or by searching online. The default gateway and subnet mask that you found in your laptop’s network settings will also be necessary for this step.

Now, connect your laptop to the TV using an Ethernet cable. On the laptop, open a web browser and type in the address of the TV. You should now be able to access content on the TV!

How do you connect a laptop to a Samsung TV?

Most laptops have a HDMI port that can be used to connect the laptop to a Samsung TV. If the TV has an HDMI input, the laptop will need to be connected to the TV using an HDMI cable. The HDMI port on most laptops is also often able to output audio and video.


Do you ever find yourself watching your favorite show or movie on your laptop, only to have to get up and change the channel because the Tv is in another room? If so, you’re not alone. Many people use laptops as their primary TV remote, but that might not be the best idea. Laptops are usually designed to be portable and lightweight, which means they’re not always optimal for controlling big screens. Luckily, there are solutions available that can make using a laptop as a TV remote much easier.

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