Gaming Laptops with advanced Optimus 2022 [Experienced Guidance]

Many People think that Optimus is a good feature because it switches from integrated GPU to discrete GPU automatically and vice versa. However, you might not know that it will ultimately increase your battery performance as well as its life too! 

For this year of 2022, if you are looking to upgrade your laptop, then you should upgrade to a gaming laptop with advanced Optimus.

For those who don’t know about Optimus, it’s a feature by Nvidia which helps your laptop to automatically switch from Integrated CPU to Discrete GPU according to software needs.

Sounds hard to understand?

You don’t need an Nvidia RTX 2060 for playing Chess. So, the Optimus feature will automatically switch to integrated GPU which helps your laptop to minimize performance, subsequently, less battery usage.

Day by day, Nvidia makes this feature more efficient after realizing that it’s a good feature. Fortunately, now, Nvidia Optimus can differ between Minesweeper and Call of Duty.

Nevertheless, a gaming laptop with advanced Optimus must have good gaming features. What if your laptop is good at switching GPUs, but does not have enough RAM to play PUBGM? Therefore, in this article, we listed the top 5 gaming laptops with advanced Optimus which are highly optimized for gaming too.

Before diving into the extensive but brief list of laptops, we suggest you go through our quick shopping tips so that you will not end up wasting your time and money after buying a gaming laptop for the Pokemon Go game!

Top 5 gaming laptops you should choose with advanced Optimus

Finally, we have listed an extensive list of gaming laptops with advanced Optimus, there are not a lot of laptops that support Optimus; therefore, maybe you have only these options.

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro


It has Intel Core i7 11th generation equivalent AMD processor.

It has a big 16 inches display with a fast response rate.

It has an RGB backlit keyboard.

32GBs of enough RAM is provided.


It’s too expensive.

The keycaps are multi-colored.

You are maybe thinking that Lenevo is not the brand that should be top of a gaming laptop list. Nevertheless, Lenevo has produced some gaming laptops which can compete with MSI and Razer. Lenovo Legion 5 Pro is mainly used for high-end gaming, and it is also used for other professional purposes. The best thing about Lenevo Legion 5 Pro is that it supports the highly advanced and optimized Optimus feature.


Optimus – Since, you are here for a highly advanced Optimus gaming laptop, so it has the most demanding Optimus feature which you can also see in BIOS.

CPU – As its price is a little high, so it has a powerful CPU, called AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor. It is also used for high-end gaming purposes. This processor is equivalent to Intel Core i7 11th generation processor.

GPU – Indeed, it offers you a robust GPU which you can use with gaming as well as crypto mining. It comes with a GeForce 3070 having 8GB memory independent of system memory.

RAM – You may wonder but it provides 32GB of RAM which you can use to play Call of Duty, simultaneously, streaming on Twitch or Youtube.

Display – Surprisingly, it has 16 inches high-quality display resolution, so that you can enjoy your games on a fast display. Furthermore, it provides you a 165 Hz refresh rate along with a 3ms response.

Keyboard – You can set up to 16.8 million colors on this keyboard because it is an RGB keyboard. The keycaps are soft to touch but durable and also have colored RGB keycaps.

Ports – It has one HDMI port along with two USB ports. Moreover, it also has a battery charging port along with an Ethernet port which can give you 1ms ping in your online gameplays.

Battery – Its battery is efficient to give you a minimum of 10 hours of backup. Hence, this feature also makes it a good option.

2021 Lenevo Legion 5 Premium gaming laptop

2021 Lenevo Legion 5 Premium gaming laptop


It has a full HD IPS display.

It has a powerful GPU for high-end gaming.

It has a maximum of 10 hours of power failure backup.

The highly advanced Optimus setting is easily accessible in BIOS.


Its RAM can’t justify the upcoming 2022 games.

You may not like its white backlit light which you can’t change.

Another laptop which you can buy for advanced Optimus is also produced by Lenevo. Lenovo Legion 5 premium gaming laptop is all that a gamer needs for high-end and comfortable gaming. It is also built with the most advanced feature which we are talking about, and it is obviously Optimus. This is not enough, but it also has the best specs which are required for high-end gaming.


Optimus – The Lenevo Legion 5 premium gaming laptop offers the advanced Optimus feature which you can use for maximum battery usage.

CPU – It has a powerful CPU that is compatible with most high-end games. It offers you a Core i5 10th generation processor CPU. This can help you while playing high-end games.

GPU – You can play your high-graphics games on this Nvidia GeForce 1650 as it is eminent to do this work. Moreover, you can also use this laptop for high GPU-related purposes.

RAM – Since, we just presented above the Legion 5 Pro with 32 GB RAM; however, it only has ¼ of that 32Gb RAM, so it may be problematic while playing high-graphics games.

Display – It has a full HD display which is about 15.6 inches, and it is an IPS display. Its refresh rate and response time are also better. However, it does not have the touch option.

Keyboard – Sadly, it does not have RGB backlit. However, if you are a gamer who can manage with a white backlit keyboard, so you should go for this keyboard. Its durability is also high.

Ports – It has a fast ethernet port, and its speed is about 100 GB/s, including it, it also has an HDMI, two USB, one Power, two media ports, and a lot more.

Battery – Buying this laptop will be beneficial if it will give you 8-10 hours of maximum battery performance; hence, you can play most of your favorite games in most of your time.

Alienware x17 R1 premium gaming laptop

Alienware x17 R1 premium gaming laptop


It has blue keycaps which can be illuminated with RGB backlit lights.

It provides the fastest 360Hz refresh rate along with 17.3 inches display.

It has a powerful Core i7 11th generation CPU.

It is slim and easy to carry.


It is costly than its specs.

Its battery is not that high compared to regular gaming laptops.

Another Alienware laptop, Alienware x17 R1 is made for high-budget gamers. Therefore, if your budget is not that high, so you should not go for this laptop. However, you should go for this laptop because of two main reasons: Firstly, you should not ignore a high specs gaming laptop with good battery life. Secondly, you should seek its advanced Optimus feature.


Optimus – Alienware x17 provides you with an excellent feature for which came here. It provides you with the most advanced technology, Optimus, in its top gaming laptop.

CPU – Its CPU, Intel Core i7 11th generation processor is something which you cannot ignore because it tends to beat the Ryzen 5 3600 processor. Moreover, it can also handle all of your games.

GPU – Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 is something which is a plus point for buying this laptop. Moreover, you can not only play high-end games using this GPU but also mine Crypto to earn at the same time.

RAM – Despite being premium, it only offers 16GB RAM. It is enough for high-end games to be played with this RAM; however, this RAM does not justify the price of the laptop.

Display – It has a unique display. Nonetheless, we can say that it has the highest display on our list. Because it provides 17.3 inches full HD display with the fastest refresh rate of 360Hz. 

Keyboard – Because of is a premium laptop, it offers an RGB lights feature. In addition to it, you can also manage its RGB lights. It also has blue cool keycaps.

Ports – If you wonder that how can so many ports can be fit inside a slim laptop, then you should definitely buy this. It has all of the necessary ports.

Battery – For its battery, we can say that it has an average battery timing as compared to all of the laptops on our list. This, Alienware x17, provides battery support for almost 7-9 hours, which you can use for gaming, but should not rely on. 

Alienware Area 51m gaming laptop

Alienware Area 51m gaming laptop


It has a robust and durable Silver Metal backlit keyboard.

It has a powerful CPU – Core i7 11th generation

It has an extensive battery timing of straight 10 hours.

It has the fastest refresh rate of 300Hz.


Its price is too high.

It does not have a prolonging warranty.

Alienware Area 51m is also a good option. However, if your budget is not much high, then you should not go for this option. Other than that, it is a good option because of its next-level specs. It is also renowned for its hot silver metal look. In addition to it, its CPU, GPU, RAM, and other specs are also more than enough for a high-end gamer like you!


Optimus – This Alienware also provides Optimus features. As we described above, this feature is to minimize GPU performance, subsequently, battery performance, so it also comes with great specs.

CPU – Here is a task for you to write the competitor of the Intel Core i7 11th generation processor below in the comments. Moreover, this Alienware laptop also offers this CPU.

GPU – It has a powerful GPU of all time which we can call Nvidia GeForce 2070 Super. It is enough to bear all of your gaming and will not bottleneck your gaming laptop CPU, GPU, and RAM.

RAM – It also offers a vast variety of RAMs option, increasing by rate. But with these laptop features, you can go for 16GB as it is enough to store 16 tabs of Google Chrome along with Call of Duty.

Display – A 17.1 inches display must give a high display resolution and should be unique. Therefore, this Alienware Laptop is called unique because of this feature. Furthermore, it also has a 300Hz refresh rate.

Keyboard – Rather than the RGB feature, you will fall in love with its attractive silver color. Moreover, it also has backlit lights, so you can play your games turning your room’s lights off.

Ports – Ports are as vital as cakes at birthday parties. Therefore, you must find two USB ports along with an HDMI port that follows the main power port. On the other side, there’s also a media port and fast ethernet port.

Battery – A good laptop must have a good battery. Therefore, you can enjoy 10 hours of maximum and extensive gameplay without any low battery notification. 

Lenovo Legion 7i gaming laptop

Lenovo Legion 7i gaming laptop


It is not too expensive.

It weighs lighter than usual gaming laptops.

It has a customizable RGB backlit keyboard with yellow keycaps.

It has a 240Hz refresh rate.

Its battery provides you with straight 12 hours of gameplay time.


It does not have a high-resolution display.

Another Lenovo laptop, the Lenevo Legion 7i gaming laptop is also suitable if you are looking for a highly advanced Optimus feature gaming laptop. Furthermore, if you are looking for a low-budget gaming laptop, so you should go for this option. It also provides next-level specs which will boost your gaming skills along with battery life.


Optimus – It comes with an advanced technology, called Optimus. In Legion 7i, accessing its setting is easier than any other laptop. You can manually enable it from BIOS.

CPU – What is the best competitor of AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS? Of course, the Legion 7i Core i7 10th generation processor can beat this CPU, and it will also handle all of your high-end games.

GPU – A GPU, called Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070, is considered enough for upcoming high-end graphics games. Therefore, going with this laptop can be a good option.

RAM – It also provides you 16GB of RAM which you can use for multi-purpose other than gaming or including gaming. For Example, you can also stream your games with this amount of money.

Display – After this many specs, can you imagine a 240 Hz refresh rate display? But, this Legion 7i provides you with 15.6 inches HD IPS display along with a 240Hz faster refresh rate.

Keyboard – The best thing about this laptop is that it provides you RGB backlit which you can also manually set up. Moreover, its yellow keycaps are more than awesome.

Ports – You can explore all the great features of this laptop along with its ports. Its ports options are the same as the above-described ones. One interesting thing is that it will provide you with a Wifi 6.

Battery – If you are wondering if it has 12 hours battery timing, then you should! Because you can literally play your games all day on this laptop without any power failure.

Quick Shopping Tips:

We highly recommend you to read these shopping tips for always choosing a better option.

Optimus feature:

The Optimus feature is becoming famous, and as gamers don’t bear 10ms delay, then how can they bear unexpected power shortage during gameplay with her best friend due to unoptimized high GPU usage.

Considering this problem, Nvidia introduced a feature, called Optimus. This is why I am writing this article. Optimus just efficiently switch from Integrated GPU to Discrete GPU. If you ain’t a tech-savvy guy, so these two things may be new for you. 

Integrated GPU uses your laptop; however, Discrete GPU has its own RAM. Hence, a simple maths calculation will tell you that this feature will somehow save your battery. Consequently, you can play for extra an hour because of that battery life which you will save after buying a laptop from our list!

CPU – The brain:

Everything you do with your laptop travels through your CPU, which you can call the brain of the brain of computer parts. Most of the processes of your laptop depend upon the performance of your processor.

In easier words, one can conclude that the better the CPU will be, so the better the gameplay will be. It is accurate, but there are more a lot of things that affect your laptop performance.

If there is not an adequate setting of ventilation of hotness of CPU, then it can totally damage your laptop, GPU, and RAMs. Therefore, along with a high CPU, you should also check for the cooling system.

Whether you prefer Intel or AMD, you can’t get optimum performance if you don’t know what to choose and when. Don’t worry, we have described it by comparing them with their competitors.

GPU – First love of gamers:

A high-end gaming laptop can be used with 10 years old GPU to play Mario games; therefore, you can understand how much GPU matters while competitive gaming. This is what gamers love the most.

However, every time one thinks to buy GPU only, then its socket compatibility is the biggest problem. Since you are looking for a laptop, then it’s not your concern to look for compatibility.

The main thing is the requirement of the game which you are playing most of the time. Hence, check your games’ requirements, then check your preferred laptop GPU.


We all know that 8GB RAM is not considered a good RAM for gamers as all new games of 2022 requires at least 16GB RAM. Therefore, you should look for a laptop with maximum RAM, which it can have at most.

It also matters that your laptop RAM is whether DDR2 or DDR4. DDR2 RAM is also a good option if you’re gifting that laptop to your grandfather. Therefore, 16GB DDR4 RAM will boost your gaming performance because it will not freeze your laptop, so you can continue playing your games.


A small display never sounds feasible for a pro-gamer like you! Therefore, you should seek a laptop that has a high-end display. Nevertheless, the resolution is not the only thing that you should find in a gaming laptop. You should also check whether the display is IPS or AMOLED.

Not every gamer plays the game as a profession, some play for just fun, but their profession may be anything other than gaming. If their profession is graphics designing or they are a vector artist, then the laptop must rotate 360 degrees.

Therefore, in addition to AMOLED/IPS display, you should also check whether the laptop rotates 180 degrees or 360 degrees.

Keyboard – Backlit or not:

Gamers always look for RGB backlit keyboards, but what if your keyboard is not robust and durable. Therefore, you should also check the quality of the keycaps instead of just seeking its RGB color paradox.

Nevertheless, you should also check its backlit color because some brand only gives white backlit lights which may seem okay for some gamers, but not for true gamers. Therefore, according to most gamers’ opinions, a gaming laptop should have RGB lights.


Since we all know gaming laptops require a lot of battery; therefore, a high-end gaming laptop must have at least 8-10 hours of battery life. 

As you are here for a gaming laptop with advanced Optimus, it means that you’re also looking for a laptop with extensive battery life. 

Therefore, we listed all laptops which are good at giving at least 8 hours of gaming performance. You can easily go for any laptop!


Ports do not sound vital; however, it’s also an important thing to check while buying a gaming laptop. One should check whether your preferred laptop has all vital ports such as an HDMI port for a big monitor, USB ports for connecting external devices, an ethernet port for less ping fast internet, and a lot of things like media ports.

You should check all of these ports before buying any laptop whether it is a gaming laptop or not.

Final Verdict

Finally, you are going to buy a gaming laptop with advanced Optimus; however, if you haven’t read our shopping tips, it’s a request for you to read them first because it helps you to buy the exact laptop with all specs which you want!

Since your intention for coming here is to look for a laptop with a good Optimus feature, so make sure you check that first.

However, we always suggest our visitors go for a laptop with an average spec laptop with highly optimizable Optimus and long-lasting battery life too. You should not choose a laptop with these high features but not considerable specs.

Furthermore, you can choose your gaming laptop with respect to the maximum specs’ requirement of the game which you play most of the time so that you can continue playing your games. Nonetheless, if you can not afford high-end laptops, then you can go for the minimum requirements of your games.

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