How to connect two laptops with HDMI | (Complete Guide 2023)

Whether you are a high school student or want to share the screen with other laptops, you must know how to connect two laptops with an HDMI cable. To solve this issue for you, in this article, we will mainly discuss all the techniques by which you can easily connect your laptop with another laptop with an HDMI cable without putting in any hard effort.

What is an HDMI cable? 

HDMI is the acronym of High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It is originally designed to transmit audio and video source devices to display devices. HDMI cables are widely used to connect laptops with laptops, laptops with desktop pc, laptops with monitors, or laptops with TV screens.

Steps for connecting two laptops with an HDMI Cable:

The first step of connecting the laptop with HDMI is locating an output on each device you want to use. For example, laptops have an HDMI output port on their side or back. Once both laptops have HDMI ports ready for connection, the next step is finding a compatible cable. HDMI standard requires at least version 1.4, and the minimum length of the cable should be 3 feet (40 inches). You can easily find the latest version on Google. Otherwise, you can also update it from Microsoft Driver Updates.

When two laptops are wired through an appropriate high-speed Cables, which people call an HDMI cable, your laptop can share its screen with other laptops or other output devices with HDMI.

A laptop with an HDMI cable has exclusive access to the laptop screen, which means the laptop’s user can’t use the laptop at this time because the laptop is showing the laptop screen through the HDMI cable if you want to continue using the laptop while the laptop show video through HDM cable, you should purchase an output splitter or a switch box. 

One more thing you should remember while connecting two laptops via HDMI cable is the connection order between laptops and TV/monitor; set it as follows:

  • Connect TV/monitor to laptop with HDMI using another appropriate cable.
  •  Connect the laptop with another proper cable to connect with the TV/monitor if the cable option is available.
  • A laptop should be turned on first, and the laptop’s screen has to be matched with TV/monitor resolution.
  • A laptop with HDMI cable should be set as the output default setting or should select laptop as mirror laptop display option.
  • If turning off the laptop with HDMI, ensure the other laptop has been shut down properly before disconnecting two laptops via HDMI.

Using OBS Studio

1: For those who want to connect two laptops with HDMI, we recommend purchasing a capture card with an HDMI In port. This will allow you to mirror programs at high resolutions and frame rates without performance interruptions or lag time!

2: To ensure that your secondary laptop has all of the help it needs, download and install OBS on both machines. This program is perfect for video recording or live streaming, but we’re going with mirroring in this instance, so just follow along accordingly from there! Once installed, open OBS (or whatever version number may apply), then head over into settings by clicking “show me what’s new.” Adjust resolutions until everything looks crisp before saving each change individually because no one wants pixelated footage.

3: The best way to capture video is with OBS, but if you don’t have USB ports or devices that can connect via USB, you must buy them first! 

For your laptop screen, make it onto the other screen as smoothly and quickly as possible there are three things we recommend: Firstly, plugin whichever type of input (USB/HDMI) secondly make sure both devices involved communicate properly via their respective ports; thirdly try using one more minor processing step by simplifying settings like frame rate, etc.

4: Now, Connect your laptop with an HDMI cable and the other with Capture Card. Now follow the below steps:

  • If you do not have an HDMI port one more time, you need to buy one. 
  • Once you connect the HDMI cable properly, the secondary cable should say this pop up “Setting up a new device.”

5: Now, open the OBS software and optimize it as a virtual camera. On the other hand, select “I will use virtual camera” and connect it to the other laptop.

6: The input device will be your Capture Device in OBS settings. Now, locate your device in the dropdown menu and click on it without waiting.

7: Once you’ve located and selected the correct capture card, click the OK button. Now, you should see the first screen on your laptop. If there is no screen you can see, you should retry the process. It should work!

Well, that’s it for now. Thank you for reading this article about connecting two laptops with an HDMI cable guide. Please bookmark our page at Laptop Reviewers for more laptop tips and laptop specifications.

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