Cheap laptops with Nvidia Graphics Card 2022

Gamers know that a sound graphics card is key to a great gaming experience. So, if you’re in the market for a new laptop and you want one with a great graphics card, you may think that you have to break the bank. But that’s not always the case. In fact, there are some great laptops out there with Nvidia graphics cards that don’t cost very much at all. So, if you’re on a budget or just want to get the most bang for your buck, be sure to check out some of the laptops with Nvidia Graphics Cards that are available for cheap. You may be surprised at what you find! 

Nvidia is a name that is known among gamers and techies all around the globe. They make some of the best graphics cards in the business, and their Pascal architecture has taken gaming to a whole new level. If you’re in the market for a new graphics card or just want to learn more about cheap laptops which have Nvidia graphics card’s latest offerings, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ll be looking at the top and the best 8 cheap laptops with Nvidia graphics cards of 2022 – see how they compare against each other. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Top 8 cheap laptops with Nvidia graphics card:

Here we have the most rugged and robust laptops you should buy because of their lower price and high performance. However, don’t forget to go through our quick shopping tips!

HP Pavilion gaming laptop

HP Pavilion gaming laptop


This is an excellent laptop for playing high-graphics games.

It’s cheaper than other laptops with the same specs.

It has a green backlit keyboard which looks very cool.

It’s also lighter than most gaming laptops and has a lower weight of 2.3 kg.


It has not a good amount of RAM and SSD.

It may not handle high-graphics games on ultra-settings.

The HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop is a powerful yet affordable laptop that gives you the performance and features you need to play hard. With a 9th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics, and Windows 10 Home, this sleek black laptop lets you game on the go. 

When it comes to its budget, it comes with an Nvidia graphics card for under just $800, which is a comparatively cheaper option.

The HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop is a perfect choice for those who want the best of both worlds. It features an RTX 1650 GPU, which means you’ll be able to play all your favorite games with no rendering issues and outstanding performance! Combine this powerful setup by pairing it up against our Intel Core i5 8th Gen processor; they go together like peas in a pod because these two pieces make one heckuva match when combined properly as they provide fantastic speed while still being capable of running most current titles smoothly at high settings without any lag or delay whatsoever (except perhaps on ultra- Settings).

The powerful gaming laptop comes with 6-8 hours long battery timing. This means that you will not experience any power failures after buying this device, even if it doesn’t have the Optimus feature. Its RAM is not enough if you are buying it for gaming. You’ll have 8GB of RAM in this gaming laptop. More importantly, you can’t expect a 32GB RAM gaming laptop in this price range. If we seek through its display, then you’ll see that it has a decent gaming laptop full HD display of 15.6 inches. In addition to it, it has IPS LED-backlit bright display, so you can enjoy playing your games.

A good gaming laptop will have a higher RAM than the standard 8GB, so it’s essential to be aware of this when shopping. It also shouldn’t cost more than $1,000 or less if you want one with 32 GB total memory. Another thing worth noting is whether they offer an IPS LED display since these screens tend not only to provide better picture quality in general compared to TN panels found elsewhere but also allow for greater detail during gameplay as well thanks mainly due to light boost technology which brightens up darker scenes without adding too much extra strain.

MSI Modern 14 professional gaming laptop

MSI Modern 14 professional gaming laptop


It looks incredible and professional because of its decent pink shade with black-colored keycaps.

It is found to be eligible for upcoming high-graphics games of 2022.

Its GPU power is so prominent that it can also be used for mining.

It has a robust body which makes it durable.


This laptop is not a cheaper option, but the most expensive one.

It does not let you customize its backlit light.

MSI’s Modern 14 professional gaming laptop is perfect for gamers who need the best performance and battery life. With its robust and cheap Nvidia GPU, you’ll be able to play any game you want on the go. Plus, with its large screen and extended battery life, you’ll be able to game all day long without having to worry about your battery running out. 

However, it is a premium gaming laptop, and it may not fit your budget. Nevertheless, we highly recommend you buy this laptop because of its specs.

The MSI Modern 14 comes with a high-end gaming GPU for which you are here, and it is called GeForce MX450. This card can easily manage to run all your favorite games at an exceptionally smooth frame rate thanks in part to its powerful processor, which has been Equivalent tuned over time to be just as adept at handling heavy workloads like those found on today’s most demanding modern PC titles – Intel Core i7, 11th generation processors, offer next-level performance when combined with this laptops’ Nvidia GeForce MX450 graphics chipset!

Fortunately, the powerful gaming laptop doesn’t have an expensive Optimus feature. But, still, you will have up to 9 hours on a single charge! That’s plenty of time for your game session without worrying about battery failure or any other power issues.

Its large screen is perfect for watching movies or playing games. The speakers are loud and clear, the processing speed of this laptop will not slow you down! Furthermore, there’s 16GB RAM available which many people can use at once because it lets them stream their favorite game in HD without having any lag time while they play. Its display has an IPS panel that allows viewing angles up to 180 degrees, so anyone who sits near enough will have no trouble seeing what goes on top.

The laptop’s keycaps are colorful, and it has an attractive design. The black color scheme with pink shade makes this machine look very professional, which will be perfect for any work environment or school setting! You can also turn on lights from the white backlit keyboard if you want to add some extra flair in your room, too – not only does that save energy, but it gives off great aesthetic value as well. For connectivity purposes, there is HDMI out port, fast ethernet jack two USB ports that allow external devices to connect smoothly through these slots without hassle at all.

Lenovo Ideapad 3 gaming laptop

Lenovo Ideapad 3 gaming laptop


It is compatible with high-end games like CSGO.

It can be used for other professional purposes such as programming.

It will run for years because of its durability.

It renders the high-end graphics faster because of its high-end Nvidia GPU.

It is the cheapest laptop on our list.


It may lack when it comes to the total amount of RAM.

It does not have the incredible and fancy RGB lights feature.

The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Gaming laptop has gaming capabilities that many gaming laptops need to try to match. With the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics, it can play most games at maximum settings without losing too much fps.

So, finally, here is the cheapest laptop with an Nvidia graphics card. Surprisingly, despite the high prices of laptops, you can buy this laptop for under $650 only!


It has an Intel Core i7-6700HQ quad-core processor that can be used for other professional purposes than gaming. This gaming laptop also features the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics with GDDR5 4GB of VRAM and a 1920 x 1080 resolution, which will provide you with sharp images and vivid colors. The 64-bit Windows 10 Home Edition is preinstalled on the system, so it’s ready for gaming right away upon setup completion.

The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 gaming laptop has a four-cell lithium polymer battery which can last for up to seven hours on one charge. This is great for those who want to game without hooking up their laptop to an electrical outlet or tablet socket. Seven hours of gaming should be enough time to get you through at least three complete games. If the battery runs out, it’s easy and quick to replace and won’t take long before you’re gaming again.

The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 gaming laptop has a high-speed 256GB PCIe SSD storage drive and 8GB RAM installed in the system, which allows you to quickly boot up your computer and load apps like Adobe Photoshop CS6 rather quickly. Lenovo has decided to take gaming into their own hands by adding the Rapid 3ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate panel, which will give you a high-quality gaming experience. The Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution will provide you with vibrant colors and sharp images, so there’s no distortion or fuzziness whatsoever.

The Bold and Beautiful: A laptop with colorful metal black keycaps gives your gaming machine a relaxed, cozy look? You don’t have to look any further than Lenovo’s Ideapad 3. With its bright white backlit lights that can be used at nighttime if you’re feeling creative! Not only does this fantastic device come equipped with ports, but it also has two USB slots – one Ethernet socket (of course) for connecting fast on-the-go internet sessions or getting work done while traveling; plus an HDMI port which will allow users ultimate flexibility when it comes down what kind video output they want from their monitor.

ASUS TUF F17 gaming laptop

ASUS TUF F17 gaming laptop


It has a comparatively larger display than regular laptops within the given price range.

You can play high-graphics games on this laptop.

It has a shiny black touch with yellow-colored keycaps, which gives it a dynamic look.

You can carry this laptop easily because of its low weight.


It does not have a decent amount of RAM.

This laptop does not offer the advanced Optimus feature for battery optimization.

ASUS TUF F17 gaming laptop is a next-level gaming laptop with many excellent specs, which you should look at at once. This laptop is suitable for a pro gamer like you. In addition to it, you can also use this gaming beast for other purposes.

ASUS TUF F17 gaming laptop is a premium laptop, and maybe it does not fit your budget; however, this laptop comes with great specs, which you should seek at least once.

Because of is expensive, it provides you with the best processor and GPU combo. It gives you the most powerful Intel Core i5 10th generation processor. Many games’ developers highly recommend it. Furthermore, it takes your laptop to another level when combined with the powerful and the most demanding GPU called Nvidia GeForce 1650 ti, and this combo gives you next-level performance while gaming.

Unfortunately, this ASUS TUF F17 gaming laptop does not provide you with the most demanding Optimus feature. Nevertheless, it does not affect your battery performance a lot. Because its battery can give you 8-10 hours of performance, it is acceptable within a given price range.

It only provides you with 8GB DDR4 RAM. DDR4 RAM is comparatively faster, but it only does have an 8GB amount of RAM, which is not a lot for a high-end gaming laptop. Still, you can upgrade this RAM after buying this gaming laptop. Moreover, it has a bright and the largest display on our list. It provides you 17.3 inches huge display, which you also use for other purposes such as graphics designing. It also gives you 144Hz fastest refresh rate, which provides you with immediate response while gaming.

Finally, there’s a laptop that provides you with next-level gaming performance along with some RGB backlit lights, which give your computer a relaxed look and also light up your darkroom. In addition to it, its keycaps are yellow-colored and also durable. Furthermore, it also has the essential parts necessary in a high-end gaming laptop. Importantly, you can connect an external monitor with its HDMI port.

MSI GF63 thin gaming laptop

MSI GF63 thin gaming laptop


Low Price

Comfortable and has a low weight to carry

Customizable backlit light

Robust and Durable


Less amount of RAM and SSD

Does not support high-graphics games on ultra-settings

MSI GF63 thin gaming laptop is a very slim and more petite weight laptop you can ever find. Moreover, the best thing about this laptop is that a low-budget gamer also buys it. It also has a decent CPU and GPU combo, which will give you no lag while playing your games.

It is the other cheapest laptop with comes an Nvidia graphics card. You can go for this laptop for under just $700. Moreover, you can also look at its high-end specs.

The MSI GF63 gaming laptop has an Intel Core i5 9th generation processor. Indeed, this processor is not much high than the Core i9 11th generation processor, but you can still play most of the high-graphics games on this gaming laptop. Moreover, you can also use high GPU for rendering purposes. It has the powerful Nvidia GeForce 1650. It also makes a great deal with the powerful CPU and GPU combo.

Despite being low in price, it gives you at least 9 hours of constant gaming performance. It means that even if you play a high-end game like CS: GO without power backup, it will help you for 9 hours. However, this laptop does not come with a robust feature called Optimus.

It provides you with a minimum of 8GB of RAM, DDR4. It means it is going to be a little faster. You can play PUBG and Fortnite games within this amount of RAM; however, you may require upgrading this amount of RAM for high-end games. Still, you can manage with this amount of RAM. In addition to it, it provides you 15.6 inches huge display, which will let you enjoy your games on a big screen. It is also an IPS display.

Its keyboard keycaps are red-colored and shine even in the day because of its black metal body look. If we talk about its backlit light, it provides you with the most advanced and customizable RGB backlit lights, which will let your room light up and make you a little cozy. This gaming laptop offers you various ports when it comes to ports. Most of them are very important. It comes with an HDMI port that lets you connect to an external monitor. It also has the fastest ethernet option, which will not let your gameplay lag at any instant.

Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop

Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop


Cheaper option

Red hot look keycaps

Durable and Hard surface

Built-in Alexa facility


Less RAM and Storage

Normal battery usage

Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop is what a newbie should start with. This gaming laptop is mainly made for newbie gamers to begin their gaming career or boost their existing gaming experience to the next level. This laptop runs fast because of its high-end processor.

Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop is a mid-range high-end gaming laptop. Fortunately, this gaming laptop will allow you to buy it. Therefore, don’t waste any instant and grab this gaming beast immediately.

The Acer Nitro 5 comes with an average CPU option. This laptop offers the Core i5 9th generation processor, which is compatible with most upcoming 2022 games. In addition to it, this processor becomes more powerful when it is combined with the powerful GPU – Nvidia GeForce 1650. This combo will provide you with lasting lag-free gaming performance.

It provides you with at least 6 hours of battery performance during bottleneck gaming. This does not sound too much; however, this battery timing is still considered good even though it has not had the most advanced Optimus feature in the given price range.

Sadly, it does not provide you with plenty amount of RAM. Nevertheless, you can upgrade it later. The Acer Nitro 5 gives you 8GB of RAM only. You can play PUBG and Fortnite having this amount of RAM, but it does not allow you to use it for a game like CyberPunk 2077. Moreover, it has 15.6 inches display which is a big display, and you can also use it for making a small cinema in your room. It is bright, and IPS display so people beside you can also see what’s going on your screen.

Its red keycaps look fantastic. Anyone can find you as a gamer after just seeing your laptop keycaps. Moreover, these keycaps can be illuminated with hot RGB backlit lights, making them more fascinating. In addition to it, it gives you great vibes when you turn it in a dark room. It also has all the sports facilities which you can quickly see in the picture. Importantly, it has the fastest ethernet port, which will give you less ping.

ASUS TUF 15.6″ gaming laptop

ASUS TUF 15.6″ gaming laptop


Better amount of RAM

Looks like a pro gamer’s laptop

Overwhelming battery timing

Tested for most of the high-graphics games


Not for low-budget gamers

Another top brand laptop, ASUS TUF 15.6″ gaming laptop, is solely made after considering pro gamers like you. This gaming laptop can also let you play your games and stream at the same time, which nearly means that it is the best choice if you are a streamer.

ASUS TUF gaming laptop is also an expensive laptop. But, when it comes to gaming, you should spend more money on a good specs laptop instead of just looking for RGB lights.

We’ve flooded this article with ASUS laptops because ASUS provides cheap but best quality Nvidia graphics card laptops. This ASUS laptop, ASUS TUF 15.6 gaming laptop, is a premium laptop with a premium processor. It comes with the powerful Intel Core i5 10th generation processor. This ASUS laptop comes with an Nvidia graphics card which is also powerful and mainly known for maximizing gaming performance – Nvidia GeForce 1650 ti. When the Intel Core i5 10th generation processor combines with the Nvidia GeForce 1650 ti, it is not possible that your laptop will freeze at any instant, even after bottleneck gaming.

Since a gaming laptop must have at least 6 hours of battery life, it provides you 8 hours of battery. One thing to ponder is that this battery timing is for bottleneck gaming. Using this laptop for other professional purposes will also extend your battery timing without even the advanced Optimus feature.

It is more than extraordinary to provide the best and ample amount of RAM and storage. This gaming laptop comes with 16GB of RAM. Finally, there’s a laptop on our list which gives you 16GB of RAM. You can reduce this amount of RAM to stream your gameplay, and you will face no lag while playing and streaming your games. It also comes with 1TB of SSD storage which is also considered in this price range. It has 15.6 inches full HD luminous display, giving your gaming an extra cool look. It is also an IPS display with a spare fast 3ms response time.

When we talk about keyboards, it’s backlit lights. Yes! This laptop also comes with a shiny RGB backlit keyboard which will give your laptop a hot look in the night. Moreover, its keycaps are yellow-colored, and they are also durable and comfortable. The laptops’ black shiny surface also gives it a hot and relaxed look. Moreover, it has all of the essential ports, including a fast Ethernet port for zero lag. It also has an HDMI port, which will help you connect your laptop with different displays.

ASUS ROG Strix G15(2021) gaming laptop

ASUS ROG Strix G15(2021) gaming laptop


Most beautiful gaming laptop of all time

Customizable bright RGB backlit keyboard

Mainly optimized for high-end games of 2022

Most powerful GPU on our list


Not have enough RAM

Lack in the total amount of USB ports

ASUS ROG Strix G15 gaming laptop is something that will take your gaming experience to the next level with its powerful CPU and GPU combo. When it comes to a gaming laptop, ASUS ROG Strix G15 is always there because of its compatibility with almost every high-end game.

It is the most premium laptop on our list with an Nvidia graphics card. It also comes with a powerful CPU and GPU combo. Moreover, you must buy it if your budget allows you to buy it.

The ASUS ROG Strix G15 comes with a powerful CPU equivalent to the Core i7 11th generation processor. Indeed, we are talking about AMD Ryzen 7 4800H. This processor is mainly known for its high-end performance for gaming. Many gaming laptops and built-in computers use this because of its high-end gaming performance. Furthermore, it makes a great combo with the most powerful GPU on our list – Nvidia GeForce GTX 3050. This combo justifies that this gaming laptop should be expensive enough.

Since ASUS Rog Strix G15 is the most expensive laptop on our list with an Nvidia graphics card, this gaming laptop does not provide you with the Optimus feature. Surprisingly, this laptop offers you 10 hours of endless gameplay. Moreover, this battery timing is also an exceptional feature because of its price.

When everything is going well enough with this laptop specs, it lacks the total amount of RAM. It only comes with 8GB of DDR4 RAM. Since you will pay a thousand bucks for a high-end gaming laptop, but it only has 8GB of DDR4 RAM, so it does not justify that amount of RAM. However, you can upgrade its RAM after buying it. With this amount of RAM, you can only open one game at a time, making it harder for streamers to stream the gameplay with no lag. In addition to it, if we talk about its display, then it has a comparatively better and bright display than regular gaming laptops with this price range. It comes with a 15.6″ full HD IPS display. Moreover, you can also feel its 144Hz refresh rate while playing FPS games.

We’ve shown you a lot of laptops with different colored keycaps. Still, this laptop RGB light is more than excellent because it has black-colored keycaps along with illuminated RGB lights, which look satisfying and cozy while playing your favorite game in the dark. Among all of the laptops shown above, this laptop’s backlit is really lit. Moreover, if we talk about its ports, it comes with all essential ports, including an HDMI port for connecting with other large monitors or projectors. It also has two USB ports for connecting external hardware. 

Quick Buying Tips

If you want to get the most out of your gaming experience, make sure that both hardware and software are up-to-snuff. Here’s what should be on every laptop buyer’s list when they’re shopping for a new one:

CPU – The brain

For some, a gaming laptop is just an indulgence. For others, it serves as their sole means of play-time entertainment and sometimes even work replacement! So, what exactly matters for one? The answer to this question lies within knowing your needs: do you want the best graphics possible, or are they not really crucial but instead something else entirely takes priority, such as being able to perform other tasks simultaneously while playing games on occasion without too much hassle from processor limitations, etc.? This will help determine which CPU would be most appropriate based on those specific requirements.

Our readers always have confusion when it comes to choosing a gaming laptop. They wonder whether they should go with Ryzen or Intel CPUs, but the truth is that this decision depends entirely on what you want from your PC–whether performance in games like Assassin’s Creed is more important, for instance? So, make sure before buying anything else!

A powerful and reliable gaming laptop is not all you need for playing. You should also consider the best CPU GPU combination that will work with your system to give an excellent performance level in terms of speed, graphics quality, or both! For example, buying an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 with Core i9 11th generation would provide turbo speeds without sacrificing battery life on its sleek design- If this sounds like what you’re looking for, then don’t hesitate any longer because these deals are going fast!.

GPU – First love of gamers

GPU is what makes your gameplay smooth. A high-end GPU will give you a better gaming experience, so it’s essential to have one installed on any new laptops or computers purchased nowadays for use at home from work and school.

When looking into buying this kind of hardware, make sure you check which games the laptop has already been tested with before going through all those troubles just because some sites list compatibility information by models instead; there’s nothing worse than finding out too late after purchase when problems arise due to both parties not knowing about each other’s limitations beforehand!


The best way to ensure a smooth and lag-free game experience is by making sure your computer has enough RAM. And what goes faster than graphics? 

Streamers need browser space for their streaming process, so it’s essential to make sure there’s always room available if something comes up unexpectedly on-screen or someone wants access during gameplay – which can happen at any time without warning! 

This means 8GB should do just fine if we’re talking about overall system usage; however, 16 GB would run even better because gamers often require more RAM.


You don’t want your laptop to be called a mobile phone. That’s why you should look for large display resolutions and check if the screen can rotate 180 degrees or full 360-degree rotation since artists usually use more than regular users of laptops do in their work (with graphics software).

The type of display- AMOLED or IPS? 180-degree rotation option versus full 360 degrees – will depend on what kind of work best suits the needs that matter most: artists & designers who need wide angles.

Keyboard – Backlit or not 

Gamers do love lights but in the dark. Since non-gaming laptops usually have white backlit keyboards, it can be boring for gamers who want some color or all of their keystrokes to pop out at night when playing fast online FPS games like CS: GO with high frame rates. 

The keyboard helps you write better by letting less light shine onto your screen so that mistakes aren’t made before they’re noticed during those late evening hours spent gaming from home on one too many monitors!


Laptops are a necessary tool for gamers, but sometimes the batteries can die instantly. Losing all that progress is never fun, and it pains me to know there’s nothing I could do about it because of my negligence! But don’t worry; if you’re also looking forward to finding out which gaming laptop has the best battery life, so you should also look for laptop battery timing.

We are here today with some good news, though: It doesn’t matter how long your screen stays on during gameplay or what kindle heater our Intel Core i7 processor might be running at – chances are super high that your battery will drain fast until you buy a laptop with good gaming battery backup.

So, how can one determine good battery timing?

It’s always a good idea to know the difference in play between different games. This will help you decide what kind of battery life is best for your needs! For example, when playing chess on a laptop versus Fortnite gameplay – it would make sense that there isn’t enough power left over after 5 hours if using this app or gamepad, respectively (depending upon which one was used). However, 4-5 hours can still be considered decent overall time without worrying too much if they’re not lasting quite as long through an entire session due to just how lightweight these devices tend to feel while carrying out various tasks during usage at any given moment.


There are a lot of terrible examples! You might want to play games on your big LCD, but unfortunately, the laptop you just bought doesn’t have an HDMI port. That means it also needs two USB 2 ports and media jacks (for playing music). A good Ethernet connection will lessen lag when using internet applications like Netflix or YouTube streaming in HD quality — not that we should need another reason as to why being connected wirelessly is better than having cables everywhere.

Final Verdict

In the end, we would like to advise you that you should choose a laptop under your budget and have a powerful Nvidia graphics card. 

When it comes to whether gaming or video editing, a high GPU is a must; more and more people are looking for cheap laptops with Nvidia Graphics cards because these will provide them the best experience in their favorite games and videos. Which laptop do you like the most from our list? Let us know what your thoughts on this post!

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