Best RTX 3060 Laptops Under $1500

We always hear that RTX 3060 is a premium but the next-level graphics card, and finding the best laptops under $1500 may be problematic and may take a lot of time. Don’t worry! In this article, we have gathered the top 5 best RTX 3060 gaming laptops which are under $1500. 

Every gamer knows the RTX 3060 super-mercy. Firstly, it is known as the most powerful GPU for upcoming 2022 high-graphics games. Secondly, it is a premium and most demanding GPU of all time. Finally, seeking an RTX 3060 in a laptop under $1500 is not easy as eating pie. 

Since you’re buying a gaming laptop, so you must look for other hardware specs other than GPU. For example, you don’t want a gaming laptop with Intel Core 2 Duo CPU with RTX 3060. Therefore, you should also look for other specs such as CPU, RAM, Display, Ports, battery, etc.

However, we do not recommend you to go through those laptops without reading our Quick Shopping Tips. Our tips will help you to buy the gaming laptop exactly what you want. For example, you may want a laptop with the best CPU GPU combo, so that you will enjoy playing high-end games on your laptop without any lag.

Best RTX 3060 gaming laptops under $1500 of 2022:

If you have read our buying guides, then, you’re welcome to read the extensive list of 5 best RTX 3060 gaming laptops under $1500. 

Acer Predator Helios 300

Acer Predator Helios 300


It has a comparatively better bright display than regular laptops.

It is compatible with the upcoming 2022 games.

You can customize its RGB backlit lights.

You’ll have the most demanding laptops because of having powerful RTX 3060.


It may be a little expensive than your budget.

It does not have the most advanced Optimus feature.

Acer Predator is a next-level and high-end gaming laptop. This laptop is mainly known for being gaming-friendly because of its high-end specs. Moreover, you can also use this laptop for other purposes rather than gaming.

This laptop also comes around your budget of $1500. Maybe, you don’t see the exact price because the price goes up and down every day.


The Acer Predator Helios 300 comes with the most demanded GPU, and it is RTX 3060. This GPU will provide support for all of your games. You will not face any render issues having this GPU. Surprisingly, if we talk about its CPU, then it makes a great combo with RTX 3060. Because RTX 3060 and Intel Core i7 11th generation processor is mainly known as best CPU GPU combo.

Unfortunately, it does not come with the Optimus feature. However, still, you will have an extensive battery timing of 9-10 hours after a one-time charge. Therefore, you’ll not see any power failure after buying this powerful gaming laptop. 

Its RAM is enough for a premium gaming laptop. You’ll have 16GB of RAM in this gaming laptop. More importantly, you can’t expect a 32GB RAM gaming laptop in this price range. If we seek through its display, then, you’ll see that it has a decent gaming laptop full HD display of 15.6 inches. In addition to it, it has IPS LED-backlit bright display, so you can enjoy playing your games.

You’ll fall in love with its keyboard keycaps colors. Without knowing its specs, one can find this laptop as a gaming laptop. It has a color full RGB keycaps which you can turn bright with RGB backlit keyboard. So, this is a plus for buying this laptop. Finally, let’s seek through its ports. It has an HDMI and a fast ethernet port. It also has two USB ports which you can use to connect external devices.

Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop

Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop:


It has the largest resolution out of any of the laptops on this list.

It can play PUBGM without having high ping on high graphics.

It can also be used for professional purposes.

It can also play a vital role for streamers and designers due to high GPU.


Its price is a little higher than your budget.

It lacks in the total number of USB ports.

The second laptop on our list is also produced by Acer. Acer is an old but top computer accessories and laptop selling company for a long time. Acer Nitro 5 is also something that is exceptional in this price range. Acer Nitro 5 will cover all of your gaming needs, and it will give you a high-end gaming experience. 

Furthermore, this laptop is also a little higher than your budget. However, as you know that its price varies every day. You may add 100 bucks to your budget to buy this high-end laptop.


The Acer Nitro 5 comes with a high-end gaming GPU for which you are here, and it is called RTX 3060. This GPU combines with other parts of the laptop to extend your gaming performance. It comes with a powerful processor which is known as AMD Ryzen 7 5800H. Moreover, this CPU is equivalent to Intel Core i7 10th generation processor. This CPU GPU combo will also give you next-level performance.

Sadly, this laptop also does not have the Optimus feature. Optimus is mainly known for extending the high-level performance of batteries. However, this does not require as vital. If we talk about its battery life, so you can use this laptop for straight 6-8 hours without even charging in middle. A minimum of 6 hours of battery life should be enough for a newbie gamer.

You can not ignore its RAM capacity because it can hold up to 16GB of RAM for you. Moreover, you can also use this huge amount of RAM to stream your games simultaneously. Furthermore, its display is also very unique. It is 17.3 inches huge display, and you can also watch movies on a big screen. It is an IPS display that can be rotated 180 degrees only.

Same as Acer Predator, Acer Nitro 5 also has colorful RGB keycaps which give your gaming laptop a cool and cozy look. Moreover, this laptop also gives you RGB backlit lights which you can use at the night. Acer Nitro 5 has all essential ports, but it lacks USB ports because it has only two USB ports. However, you can still manage with its fastest ethernet port.

ASUS Rog Strix G-15 gaming

ASUS Rog Strix G-15 gaming laptop


It can handle all high-graphics games.

It has the best CPU and GPU combo.

You can find that its backlit RGB lights are more bright than usual laptops.

It is also suitable for video editing and rendering.


Its weight is a little higher than regular gaming laptops.

You don’t like the fact that it has not a big display.

So, we’re waiting for an ASUS gaming laptop, and here we have ASUS Rog Strix G-15. It is a high-quality premium gaming laptop. The best thing about this laptop is that it is utterly made for gamers. This laptop does not only look awesome but also has a lot of features that a high-end gaming laptop should have.

Unfortunately, this laptop is also 100 bucks higher than your budget. Since we all know that laptops prices are very high after the pandemic. Therefore, you may need to pay 100 dollars more or wait for its price to go down.


The ASUS ROG Strix G-15 comes with a powerful processor of Intel Core i7 10th generation. It can totally handle your bottleneck gaming and will provide you extra performance for other tasks going on a laptop. Its GPU, RTX 3060, makes a great deal with the i7 10th generation processor to extend your gaming performance by ultimately boosting your laptop performance.

Same as Acer Predator and Acer Nitro 5, ASUS ROG Strix G-15 also does not have the advanced Optimus feature which is a negative aspect of buying this gaming laptop; however, you will still have 8 hours of long-lasting battery backup. This is enough for a high-end gaming laptop to have a minimum of 8 hours of constant gameplay.

What more can you expect than 16GB DDR4 RAM in the given price range? Moreover, it has also a beautiful RAM speed of 3200MHz. This amount of RAM is enough to fight with enemies in Call of Duty. Secondly, it has a bright and fast response display. It has 15.6 inches IPS HD display, which you can even use for other purposes than gaming. It has only a 3ms response time which is quite good for pro gamers.

Maybe you don’t agree without opinion, but the ASUS ROG Strix G-15 keycaps color scheme looks better than the previous two Acer laptops’ keycaps. However, all have a classic cool look RGB backlit lights, which makes your laptop keyboard bright in dark. It has all of the most demanding ports, and it also does not lack in ports. 

Alienware x17 R1 gaming laptop

Alienware x17 R1 gaming laptop


It refreshes the screen very faster which is essential in gaming.

It looks really nice due to its blue-colored keycaps.

You will experience that it can bear all high-graphics games due to having a premium GPU.

It also has a durable body, and it is also robust.

It has the most advanced Optimus feature.


Its RAM speed is not equivalent to regular gaming laptops’ RAM speed. 

It does not have RGB-colored keycaps.

Alienware is a new and under-rated computer company that is growing faster than Intel’s next processor. Alienware x17 R1 is known as a gaming beast because of its high power to bear bottleneck gaming. You will not find your laptop heating at any instant because of its advanced cooling system. This laptop suits a pro gamer like you!

Finally, there’s a laptop which you can buy without extending your budget. It provides great specs even after a low price. Mainly, it provides you with a powerful RTX 3060.


The Alienware x17 R1 gaming laptop comes with a great GPU which is commonly known as RTX 3060. The best part about this laptop is that it can let you play your games and share live 4K streams on Youtube at the same time. It gets the next level of performance when it makes a combo with the Intel Core i7 11th generation processor. This CPU GPU combo is also considered a good combo for a high-end gaming laptop.

Finally, there’s a laptop that supports the advanced Optimus feature which allows you to switch between discrete and integrated GPU. Consequently, this will give you extra battery life for your gaming. Then, if we talk about its battery performance, then it is approximated that it will give you at least 10 hours of non-stop battery performance.

Alienware x17 R1 gaming laptop also comes with 16GB of a decent amount of RAM, and you can easily expect this amount of RAM in the given price range. 16GB of RAM is also enough to play Fortnite, PUBGM, COD, and Cyberpunk 2077 too. Moreover, you can also have a decent 17.3 inches display in this powerful laptop which you can use for multipurpose other than gaming.

This Alienware x17 R1 gaming laptop has a unique keyboard color scheme which is blue. Its keycaps are colored blue which provides you an extra cool look to your laptop, and it also tells other people that you’re a gamer. Secondly, if we talk about its ports, so it has all of the necessary ports, which include media ports, USB Ports, and power ports, etc. 

MSI Stealth 15M gaming laptop

MSI Stealth 15M gaming laptop


It is the cheapest laptop which provides you with an RTX 3060.

It is compatible with most high-end graphics games such as Cyberpunk or Assassins Creed.

It has a beautiful silver surface which makes it cool and unique.

It has a better option of SSD and RAM than regular laptops at this price


It does not have a good resolution as compared to other gaming laptops on the list.

It is not possible that if one talks about top gaming laptops and MSI brand does not come. The MSI Stealth 15M is the cheapest gaming laptop on our list. Mainly, you should also note that this laptop is not cheap in quality but cheap in price. It comes with high specs under the amount of the given range. 

Finally, there is the cheapest laptop of all time which even provides you an RTX 3060 along with high-end specs. Moreover, you won’t believe that it also has other advanced features which may lack in other laptops.


Despite being the cheapest laptop, which provides an RTX 3060, it gives you an amazing deal with the powerful Intel Core i7 11th generation processor. This processor is considered eligible for maximizing gaming laptop performance by its capability to run high-graphics games. Furthermore, it sounds fascinating when it makes a combo with the powerful laptop which you can call RTX 3060. As we mentioned earlier that i7 11th generation and RTX 3060 are considered the best combo for gaming. 

Unfortunately, the dark side about this laptop is that it does not provide you with the most advanced Optimus feature. This feature may be helpful for efficiently switching GPUs. However, if we talk about its battery life, then, despite being low in price, it offers you 10 hours of long-lasting battery performance which you can use for high-graphics constant gaming.

The MSI Stealth 15M gaming laptop comes with a decent amount of RAM which you can use for gaming as well as other professional purposes. Such as it won’t freeze your computer while opening Android Studio and PUBGM. Moreover, if we seek through its display, then it also has a bright and decent display. Nevertheless, it does not have a good resolution which is only 15.6 inches HD display. However, it has a decent response of 3ms with a refresh rate of 144Hz.

One more good thing about this laptop is that comes with complete ports. For example, you can find three USB ports on this gaming laptop along with some HDMI, ethernet, media, and power ports. If we talk about its keyboard, then it is very beautiful because of its silver-white finish. Moreover, it is also durable. The keycaps of the keyboard are colored blue; however, the backlit lights are RGB which you may like.

Quick Shopping Tips

Our shopping tips always helped our readers to buy exactly what they want. Therefore, reading them will not be wasting of time.

A Premium GPU – RTX 3060

Since you came here for a premium GPU called RTX 3060, so all laptops should have an RTX 3060. Otherwise, there will be no reason for you to stay in this article.

A high-quality GPU is what every gamer wants, so you should not worry about the best GPU option because every GPU is RTX 3060.

If we talk about RTX 3060, so we all know that this GPU can beat CyberPunk 2077 graphics. Therefore, you’ll not regret buying a gaming laptop having an RTX 3060. It is also used for purposes other than gaming.

For example, having these graphics means you can also use them for rendering purposes such as Graphics Designing, Video Editing, 3D modeling, etc.

Moreover, after seeking through its power, you can also do Bitcoin mining to earn some money using your laptop. 

CPU – The brain

Let us tell you a bad thing about laptops, and it is that you can’t upgrade their GPU and CPU. Nevertheless, you can upgrade its RAM, Storage, and ports, but only to some extent.

Since its CPU is not upgradable, so you should choose a good CPU laptop at first. In addition to it, your first preference before buying any laptop must be its CPU.

Don’t fight with the fact that AMD laptops are a little better for gaming; however, the difference is very subtle. You can even go for Intel processors. 

One thing regarding gaming, which you should know, is that the more you pay on CPU and GPU, the smoother your gameplay will be!


The Optimus feature might be new for you as it is a new and advanced technology. Optimus is produced by Nvidia. This feature is basically used to switch between integrated and discrete GPU, so your battery life will be prolonged.

This feature is extremely helpful for gaming laptops because it can save a lot of battery for you which you can use for other purposes.

Some laptop comes with the Nvidia Optimus feature. However, if you don’t find Optimus in any of the listed laptops, so it won’t be too bad as it is an advanced and optional feature.


So, we will not repeat the same point again that the more you pay for gaming laptops, the higher your specs will be, subsequently, the better gameplay. 

One good thing about laptops’ RAM is that you can upgrade it after buying the laptop. Hence, if your budget does not allow you to have 32GBs RAM, so you can even go for 8GB of RAM knowing the fact it is upgradable. 

The decent amount of RAM for a high-end gaming laptop is 16GB-32GB. Therefore, if any laptop has 16GB RAM to 32GB RAM, so you may go for that laptop.


There are a lot of things that you should seek while examining any laptop display. The first thing, which you must look for, is its resolution. Of course, you can’t play PUBG on a small 7 inches display, unless it’s mobile. Therefore, a big display also plays a great role while gaming.

If you are buying your laptop for other purposes too, then your laptop should have 360 degrees rotate feature. In other professions, such as graphic designing and animations editing, 360 degrees rotation feature is a must. Therefore, you should check whether your laptop has 180 degrees rotate or full 360 degrees. 

Other than a rotate feature, you should also know whether your display is IPS or AMOLED. Usually, gaming laptops have an IPS display.

Keyboard – Backlit or not:

Gaming is not possible without a keyboard unless you are playing on a mobile phone. Therefore, the first thing, which you should look for in a keyboard, is its durability. The gaming keyboard should be robust; otherwise, its keycaps may break down on only the first loss of chicken dinner.

Gamers really love RGB backlit keyboards, an RGB backlit keyboard is not rare in gaming laptops, so you may find RGB lights on your gaming laptop.

RGB backlit keyboards look really cool at the night. So, you may go for a laptop with having RGB backlit keyboard.


Cooling down a hot processor and GPU, displaying gameplay on 100% brightness, streaming the same gameplay on Youtube, and rendering a high-graphics game may turn your battery to zero in no time.

Therefore, having a powerful backup option will let you make sensible and smart in front of your friends.

A gaming laptop must have at least 8-10 hours of battery backup, so you can continue playing your games without any low battery notification.

If a gaming laptop has 8-10 hours of battery backup, so you should definitely go for it.


If your laptop does not have ethernet, so you can buy an ethernet port for an extra $30-$50. It is possible if you don’t take ports as crucial as CPU and GPU.

There are some ports that should be available in a gaming laptop, so you can use your external hardware easily such as extra speakers, microphones, external hard drive.

There are some ports that should be available in a gaming laptop:

  • At least two USB ports
  • Media Ports
  • Power Port
  • Ethernet Port
  • CD/DVD 
  • Factory reset Button

Final Verdict

Finally, you’ve chosen a gaming laptop which you’re gonna buy because of that RTX 3060 GPU and low price. However, if you didn’t read the shopping tips, then, we recommend you to read them. Maybe, you will find a better option.

Since you came here for a laptop that has an RTX 3060, gaming features, and a low price of just $1500, so make sure you check them first. 

One more thing which is vital while buying a gaming laptop, but many gamers either ignore it or forget it is its battery life and Optimus feature. Therefore, we highly recommend you check its battery life. Because you don’t want a powerful while playing intense Call of Duty gameplay.

Since there are a lot of gaming laptops in this article, so choosing one may seem confusing. Don’t worry! We always take care of our visitors. You should choose a gaming laptop under your budget, and after seeking through your games’ minimum and maximum requirements. Hence, you will not end up choosing a laptop for playing Minesweeper.

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