Best Laptops for Writers, Authors, and Journalists 2022 [Author’s Recommendations]

Do you get nostalgic when you remember the snap click of a typewriter or jotting books in a cowhide leather-bound journal? Are you a writer, author, or journalist with enough imaginative strain at the forefront of your thoughts that should be immediately moved in content? 

Likewise, being a writer, author, or a journalist used to mean having the best quality paper as the only tools to instantly pen down their thoughts. But those days are gone. The ever-evolving technology reshapes everything including writing. And this transition has made a great impact on the writers and journalists. Typewriters or diaries had turned out to be absurd. Laptops had taken over the writers and have become part of their daily life. Presently, writers take laptops or tablets with them to write down their journals. The primary concern of writers of this generation is to think about what is a good laptop for writers since they want to be able to work seamlessly.

Laptops are fundamentally used for various functions like writing and surfing the Internet. If you are a writer, author or journalist, you know that it may be hard to find one that has been explicitly intended to address the needs of something that will be generally utilizing it for writing. You ought to consider the look and the vibe of the PC that you will be spending time with and the features that will make it easy for you to use as well. 

The Best Laptops for Writers, Authors, and Journalists You Can Buy Today

Lenovo HD IPS Touch Screen 2 in 1 Chromebook


Well-rounded system

Efficiently multitask and quickly access files

Equipped with a 32GB eMMC drive


Limited storage

No optical drive

Processor: 1.6 GHz Celeron N, MediaTek MT8173C Quad-Core

Display: 11.6 inches 10-point multitouch screen 1366 x 768 HD IPS technology LED backlight. 

Dimensions: 8.03 in x 11.42 in x 0.75 in


Storage: 32 GB Integrated eMMC

Color: White

Battery life: 10 hours

Weight: 2.76 lbs

Operating System: Google Chrome 

There is no turning back for those who have experienced using the Lenovo laptops and this Chromebook is no exception. Lenovo is one such PC that is used mostly in the business classification, however, the all-new 2019 Lenovo 11.6″ HD IPS Touchscreen 2-in-1 Chromebook is the top tier laptop for every writer. At a sensible price, it offers a responsive touch screen. Its portability empowers to utilize it in a different mode. For authors, this is a 2-in-1, pocket agreeable decision at a deal cost to do a lot of composing.

It offers versatile functionality with different modes. It has built-in cloud support so you can easily save your important files to your google account. What’s more about this laptop is that it has built-in virus protection against viruses and malware, and google products to suit your needs. It also automatically downloads and installs security and software updates so you don’t have to worry about managing patches and waiting for restarts. 

Talking about touch screen features, some writers go with Apple products for their productive writing yet, we are aware that somehow, apple gadgets come along with quite a good price. The high-quality performance of its products is unquestionable just like that of Macbook. So if you are an Apple lover, you can do a rundown of Apple products to find what is the best apple laptop for writers

Acer Flagship CB3-532 15.6″ HD Premium Chromebook


Fast Intel Celeron N3060 Dual-Core 1.60 GHz Processor

With USB 3.0, you can easily transfer files

15.6″ display and 1366 x 768 resolution


Users may find the keyboard a bit cramped

Trackpad is not as responsive

Processor: 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron D 

Display: 15.6 inches HD Graphics 400 (1366 x 768)

Dimensions: 10.1 in x 15.1 in x 1 in

Memory: 2 GB DDR3 

Storage: 16 GB SSD 

Color: Black

Battery life: 7 hours

Weight: 4.3 lbs

Operating System: Google Chrome 

Acer develops its effectively prevailing Chromebook position with an affordable 15.6″ HD Chromebook. If you are a writer that prefers a wider screen to see more content with less scrolling, then this laptop is best suited for you. With a 27 percent bigger screen than the 13.3-inch Chromebook and a 24 percent bigger screen than a 14-inch Chromebook, this 15.6″ HD Premium Chromebook enables you to be more productive. To put it plainly, it’s the perfect size for you to make this Chromebook a book. The anti-glare HD display is intended to limit the glare bringing about less strain on the eyes even after a long period of time. 

Chromebook PCs run on Chrome OS that features multiple layers of security against viruses and malware, cloud storage and more Google products built right in it. It will also provide safety to your files by storing them online. Sign in with google account in Google Drive that is built right in. With that, your files and photos are automatically backed up to the cloud. Less worried about the latest versions because Chromebook PCs also update itself for free. You don’t have to do manual upload and uploads. Isn’t that an easy life for writers?

New Lenovo 130S 11.6″ HD Laptop


Portability, price, and performance

Energy-efficient LED backlight

64GB eMMC flash memory

Latest intelligent technologies.


Limited storage and lack of a full HD display

May not be suitable for more demanding tasks

Processor: Intel Celeron N4000 1.1GHz up to 2.60GHz with 4M Cache

Display: 11.6 inches display with 1366 x 768 HD LED backlight. 

Dimensions: 11.3 in x 7.9 in x 0.7 in

Memory: 4GB DDR3 

Storage: 64 GB eMMC

Color: Mineral Gray

Weight: 3.32 lbs

Battery life: 8 hours

Software Inclusion: Office 365 for a year

Operating System: Windows 10

If you are still not convinced with the first 2 affordable laptop brands and still narrowing down your own list to find which laptop for writers like you meet your requirements, then this one might give you an option. New Lenovo 130S 11.6″ HD Laptop is a quality laptop that suits your budget. Lenovo gave another shot to a laptop to provide its users the power needed for every task. It has a protective finish to protect it against wear and tear, and rubber detailing to keep the system stay cool and perform better. 

No need to worry your all night to write a paper facing your laptop because its 11 inch LCD display features HD resolution that won’t put a strain on your eyes.

Since writers are always on the move, this 3-pound laptop is thin, light, and easy to carry. It is an ultraportable laptop where you can carry it anywhere without the hassle of extra baggage. All these necessary features are available in one laptop at an affordable price for on-the-go people like writers, authors, and journalists. 

Dell Chromebook 11


Clock speed of 1. 6GHz with turbo upto 2. 48GHz

4GB of memory and 16GB of eMMC storage

Has a 3-Cell Lithium-ion battery


Relatively low resolution display

Battery life could be better

Processor: 1.4 GHz Intel Celeron 

Display: 11.6 inches display with 1366 x 768 HD

Dimensions: 16.8 in x 12.2 in x 3 in

Memory: 4GB DDR3 

Storage: 16 GB 

Color: Black

Weight: 2.9 lbs

Battery life: up to 9 hours

Operating System: Chrome OS

Although this laptop is primarily aimed at students or the school market, Chromebook 11 features are best suited for on-the-go writers as well. With it are the rubber bindings that secure the external edges of the screen and casing, this device offers fewer worries for its users. It is simple to hold as you stroll along that even if it slips from your fingers and tumbles to the floor it will in all probably survive the fall. The display is bright and clear, running standard for a Chromebook 1366 x 768 resolution. Hardware features include USB 2, USB 3, HDMI, SD card, and headphone or microphone. 

Set aside the fact that this is an old model, it still assures you of good functioning, speedy and responsive even beyond your basic needs. Battery life is also its strength having up to 9 hours usage. 

As a writer, it offers easy content creation, consumption, enables productivity on email, documents, photos, and videos. 

This portable laptop enables you to do your daily tasks with durability and efficiency, available at a very affordable price.

Acer 15.6″ HD WLED Chromebook


Great for watching movies and browsing the web

Intel HD Graphics 400 provides good visual quality

eMMC storage is plenty for most users


No optical drive

3-cell battery may not provide enough power

We can’t deny that Chrome OS and Chromebooks are popular alternatives to Mac and Windows, primarily because they’re inexpensive, secure, and its browser-based environment that constantly grows. It’s widescreen having 15.6 inches make it a good feature for writers, and those who love watching their favorite movies on their PCs. Its speakers sound good, so if you plan to use Chromebook for entertainment, this one is best suited for you too. Its battery life also works, especially for a 7-hour video streaming. Its touchpad is large and very responsive and works well with multi-touch commands. This sounds good for writers, isn’t it?

Likewise, its speed and performance run efficiently great as Acer has always claimed. It allows you to open a dozen tabs while still running smoothly- no stuttering or slowdowns while streaming video and playing back a video file. What’s always good about Chromebooks is that no anti-virus software is needed as it comes with built-in malware and virus protection. It also has a full-sized SD card slot and Chrome OS enables you to save files in it. Users love just about everything about this Acer and it’s affordable!

Laptop Features to Consider

Writers are always on the move and love a gadget that offers great writing experience.

So the most significant feature of a laptop will be what you use the most – the keyboard. The writing application and the screen size are significant as well and should also be considered. However, the keyboard is the viewpoint that will enable you to type at top speed and will likewise be comfortable to use for a considerable length of time. Here’s a guide when examining the laptop keyboard:

  • Keyboard Layout. You ought to think about how close you need the keys to be, the manner of how fun they will feel under your fingertips as you type and where the numbers and extra keys are. Most compact PCs come with limited extra keys so there will shortcut keys to use some symbols.
  • Keyboard Feel and Quality. The keys ought to be smooth and should likewise be made in a way that you won’t pound the keyboard or should keep away from even the gentlest touch. They should also not be easy to fall off at any time except if you are the one driving it off to clean.
  • Keyboard Backlight. Regardless of whether you do any of your writing in the dark or not, having a backdrop illumination can truly make your life simpler even when the lighting is simply marginally lower. This feature isn’t really necessary especially if you are on a tight budget, you probably won’t consider it until you frantically need it. 

What makes a Laptop ideal for Writers like you?

Before we proceed with the rundown of which is the best laptop for writers, there are some features that this article will highlight that you should check. It may be the powerful processor, the featherweight, the massive storage, or the long battery life, you should focus on the features that will cater to the needs of you whether you are a writer, an author, or a journalist. 

  • Portable: Writers are always on-the-go. Odds are the work will happen in a wide range of areas- from home to office, school, and anywhere else. Because of this, you ought to pick a model that is lightweight and not bulky which could be simple to carry around to a coffee shop or from a space outdoors without giving back or shoulder pain. 
  • Great Processor: This one is essential as this is the brain of your PC. You need a powerful processor that will have the option to run the entirety of programs you need simultaneously and do as such without losing any quality or speed all the while.
  • Not Overheating. As you will be taking a shot at your laptop for extensive stretches of time, you won’t have any desire to manage a boisterous fan that is attempting to chill off your workstation or having the whole system shut down to keep cool. Overheating laptops are a no-no since you definitely need to have viable and pleasant writing sessions.
  • Huge Storage Capacity. You have to keep the entirety of your work somewhere so you need sufficient storage. You have options to choose from. You can use an external hard drive or you can keep your work directly on your laptop. You may find less expensive laptops that would be ideal for your needs however it doesn’t have enough space to save your files. For this situation, it is a bit of good advice going for the less expensive laptop option matched with a reliable external drive to suit your budget. The greater the storage memory, the higher the multi-tasking. 
  • Long Battery Life. The battery life of the laptop is essential when you will write at home or outdoors. Having a more extended battery life implies you don’t need to stress over finding a plug or carrying the cable charger with you wherever you go. The best PC for a writer will have at least more than 6 hours of battery life.

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed this extensive buying guide on laptop computers for writers. 

Our Verdict

As a writer, author, or journalist, you need a laptop that can keep up with your creative workflow. You need a powerful processor, a large screen, and a comfortable keyboard. You also need a laptop that’s portable enough to take with you on your travels. Above we explain and reviewed the best laptops for writers, authors, and journalists.

It’s no secret that a laptop is one of the most important tools for a writer. It’s your gateway to the internet, your word processor, and your connection to the outside world. But with so many laptops on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you.

In conclusion, the best laptops for writers, authors, and journalists are the MacBook Pro, the Dell XPS 13, and the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Each of these laptops has its own unique set of features that make it ideal for writers, authors, and journalists. The MacBook Pro is the most powerful laptop on the list, while the Dell XPS 13 is the most portable. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is the best choice for those who need a laptop that is both powerful and portable.

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