Best Laptops For Seniors: Top 10 Rated Laptops for 2022

A laptop is a necessity to carry out daily tasks with ease, the world is revolutionizing and every individual is moving towards online platforms. Individuals who are studying in complex domains require a functional laptop that has all the basic features.

Most of the laptops do not work well when a senior person is using it. This is because the functionality of the laptop is not according to their needs. It does not necessarily mean that a tech-savvy cannot have a laptop that suits senior needs.

The laptop a senior mostly requires should have an ample number of features that provide a firm platform for senior to perform well. A laptop must have a user-friendly inference, this is an extremely important feature because a senior should be able to work with ease.

The display quality also matters quite a lot because a user requires clarity. The HD quality of display allows an individual to have the best user experience in terms of watching a show or editing a video. Most users believe that buying an expensive laptop is a solution to all the issues.

However, finding a sustainable solution or doing key research allows the user to save a significant amount of money. There are a lot of requirements that a senior has out of a laptop, the simple way is to jot down all the crucial features one wants in a laptop and then compare the features as well as the price points. Through this article, we aim to assist the buyers in selecting a laptop that fits their needs. 

The Best Laptops For Seniors You Can Buy Today

Microsoft Surface Pro 7  

Reasons to Buy


10.5-hour battery life 

3 USB ports 

Reasons to Avoid

Little pricey 

When it comes to technology there is an ample number of brands that work tirelessly to introduce quality tech products within the market. The Microsoft surface pro 7 is amongst the laptops that have gained immense popularity based upon their features.

This laptop is a next-generation laptop due to its intricate features and amazing technology. The Microsoft surface pro 7 laptop has an operating system of Windows 10. This laptop is a convertible laptop that you can use as a tablet also.

This is a very versatile electronic piece that can be used to work, write, draw, sketch, and play. This laptop is established with a lot of consideration and framed for commercial use specifically. This is a 10th generation laptop that has a slim and sleek design. This laptop is light and airy which is why it can be carried with ease to the diverse places.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has a Type-C as well as Type-A USB ports which can be utilized as a docking station, accessory charger, and much more. This laptop weighs only 1.7 pounds which is extremely light-weight, its ultra-slim design is convenient to carry along.

Its battery life and charging power is another amazing feature that makes it suitable for seniors. The battery of the laptop lasts up to 10 and a half hours and it is charged within an hour up to 80%. 

Lenovo Flex Touchscreen laptop 

Reasons to Buy


512GB SSD 

Sufficient USB ports 

Reasons to Avoid

Not super light-weight 

Lenovo is slowly climbing up the ladder and engaging within the high rising competition within the tech market. Lenovo Flex Touchscreen laptop is one of the most bought laptops in the younger generation due to its exemplary operational abilities as well as phenomenal integrated features. The Lenovo Flex laptop is loved by most of the population due to its touchscreen.

The touchscreen increases user-inference as we are so used to using touchscreens. The Lenovo Flex touchscreen is an 8th generation laptop with an i5 quad-core processor that works with the utmost speed. This laptop has an 8GB RAM which increases the functional speed of the laptop making it work faster than most laptops.

It has a 512 GB SSD space which is incredible. The Lenovo Flex Touchscreen has a lot of other features such as a soft-touch keypad which allows a user to type with speed without making mistakes. It has a 1920 x1080 pixel quality which is standard within a laptop and allows an HD quality visual.

The backlit keyboard of the Lenovo Flex is quite substantial as often and has to work in a dim setting where a backlit keyboard provides efficient support. The USB ports within the laptop allow an individual to quickly swap files or transfer their favorite shows and series. Also, the charging port is essential in a laptop which is present within it. 

Apple MacBook Pro

Reasons to Buy

13-inch of HD display 

Ultra-fast SSD 

Type-C USB port 

Reasons to Avoid

Heavy to carry 

The Apple brand speaks for itself and it is currently the highest demanding electronic or tech-company in the world. Apple laptops are known for their durability as they last for decades when a user buys it. The Apple laptop is easily available and has an ample amount of warranty to support the lasting abilities of the electronics.

The Apple MacBook Pro has a 2.4 GHz processor with a quad-core i5. This laptop is quite sufficient when it comes to everyday use because it works faster than most laptops without heating up. It is an 8th generation laptop which is used for various purposes such as office use as well as commercial use.

The main specialty of the Apple MacBook Pro is its full HD display. Most of the people are highly attracted to the true tone technology within the laptop as it displays the true color of the picture or video. The laptop has a 13-inch screen which may not seem that wide but its NanoEdge technology and wider angle give a more precise visual.

It also has a touch ID as well as a touch bar for the convenience of the user. It has an ultra-fast SSD technology along with iris plus graphics which enhance the picture quality of the laptop. It has a Type-C USB port along with 10 hours of long battery life. 

ASUS ZenBook Flip Touchscreen laptop

Reasons to Buy

13.3-inch display 

8GB memory 

Sharp display quality 

Reasons to Avoid

Not light-weight 

Takes longer to charge fully 

ASUS ZenBook laptop is a compact touchscreen laptop that has a lot of functional features that work for the benefit of the user. This laptop has 13.3 inches of widescreen which has an HD display. It has an IPS FHD touch display which is quite convenient for senior use. A senior person is fidgety and they require quick solutions to the issues.

Often, the touchpad can be quite time-consuming. The touch screen is quite convenient along with a traditional touchpad. This is a 10th generation laptop with a quite functional i5 quad-core processor. This is a standard laptop that works at a faster pace and has a good price point. It has a 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution which enhances the screen display.

It has an 8GB onboard memory which is sufficient for seniors who have to save quite a lot of files within their laptop. It also has a decent shortage of space and it can accumulate substantial files without hanging. A senior needs a laptop that is durable and will last for an ample amount of time.

This laptop is made with thoughtfulness to allow it to last for a decade. This laptop has a warranty of one full year and its battery life is highly sufficient for longer use. This laptop has an HD display with sharp color gradient technology. 

ACER Aspire E 15

Reasons to Buy

15.5-inches display 

13.5-hour battery life 

Turbo boost technology 

Reasons to Avoid

Does not fit in the bag 


Ace Aspire E 15 has an all-black internal body which provides a very sleek look to the laptop. The laptop has a slim cut and a sleek body which is quite easy and compact to carry. The ACE Aspire E 15 laptop is very easy to use as it does not have any complex functions within it. This is an eight-generation sleek laptop along with an i5 quad-core processor.

Its processor is 2.2 GHz along with a turbo boost technology which allows its efficiency to boost up. The display is quite wide and is equivalent to 15.6 inches. The HD boosting technology along with the color gradient provides a pleasing visual experience to the user.

It has a wide LED screen that works tremendously to support the visual aspect. It has a 6GB memory which is enough for a senior as it allows the sharing of various files and visual files. It has a 1TB storage capacity which is quite a lot for a laptop as you can share gazillion files without the storage running also has a DVD ROM which is rare nowadays.

The battery life is the most fundamental feature within a laptop. The battery life is the most asked question when an individual purchases a laptop. The battery life for ACE Aspire E 15 is 13.5 hours. Its operating system is Windows 10 and it functions quite rapidly. 

Dell Inspiron 14 touchscreen laptop 

Reasons to Buy

14-inch widescreen 

128 GB storage space 

4GB memory 

Reasons to Avoid

Not easy to carry 

Takes time to charge 

Dell Inspiron 14 Touchscreen laptop is a laptop worth investment due to its uncanny benefits that allow it to provide numerous advantages to the user. The Dell Inspiron touch screen laptop is filled with some amazing features that make it to the top list of seniors.

Nowadays, seniors have their own activities which is why they need a well developed laptop. The Dell Inspiron 14 touchscreen laptop can be your lifesaver in these complex situations. A Dell Inspiron is a 14-inch laptop with a convertible body.

This laptop can work both ways of having fun as well as doing work. If you are someone who does not want to invest in separate laptops, try this one. This laptop has a backlit display and a wide-angle screen.

This laptop is also amazing for all the people who love to watch Netflix and have a cinema kind of experience at home. It is an 8th generation laptop with an 8GB memory.

This laptop has a shared graphic memory along with quite a lot of storage space to constantly exchange files. It has a 128 GB memory in total and it has quite a fast-paced processor. It has an i3 quad-core processor and a high-quality interior as well as exterior. 

Samsung Chromebook 4 

Reasons to Buy

Ultra-fast WIFI connectivity 

Google assistant enabled 

Military-grade durability 

Reasons to Avoid

Long charging time 

Less portable 

Samsung Chromebook 4 is a multi-functional device that has a widescreen display. The Samsung Chromebook 4 is quite an effective device which is highly suitable for the senior college population. The laptop is highly functional and has a 15.6-inch display with a lot of color effects to sharpen the display.

The laptop has an immersive and large design that allows the user to properly see the color effects of the screen. It has military-grade durability; this is one factor that most people look into before making their purchase.

Its ultra-fast connectivity technology allows the user to connect to the WIFI with ease and without any problems at all. The computer instantly catches the WIFI and connects with a rapid speed. Most laptops lose their eligibility due to the viral attacks weakening the system.

The Samsung Chromebook 4 has in-built viral protection that strengthens the internal functional abilities as well as boosts the operations of the laptop. Google assists within the laptop are enabled in advance.

Through Google’s Assistant, you can have an easy experience when browsing the internet or when you feel like you are stuck at some point.

The Samsung Chromebook also has an extended battery life which is amazing because seniors spend a lot of their spare time on laptop which means more laptop battery is required. It also has a touchscreen which is quite beneficial for the users. 

HP Pavilion 17

Reasons to Buy

Three USB ports 

3.4 GHz processor 

Fast-paced internal mechanism 

Reasons to Avoid

Speakers do not have a powerful sound 

HP Pavilion 17 is a highly underrated laptop as it has exemplary features to support its functionality. The HP pavilion 17 laptop is an amazing variation within the HP laptop range. The HP Truevision camera is phenomenal in showcasing a brighter image when attending zoom meetings or video calls.

Considering the present scenario, each senior requires an active clear microphone, a clear camera, and well-integrated features. The HP Pavilion 17 laptop has dual speakers and a B&O display. It has a 3.4 GHz processor along with burst frequency which enables a user to use it for an extended period of time without facing external heating issues.

It has a 1TB storage, the storage point of view within this laptop is phenomenal as the user can easily download various files, exchange video, download lectures, and transfer files through USB without running out of storage space.

It has a backlit technology that allows a user to view the keyboard and the screen in a dark atmosphere. It has Radeon R5 graphics which are integrated to provide a lasting visual experience and provide theatre-like feels to the user.

It has a 1920 x 1080-pixel quality to support the wider display. It has a multi-format SD card reader which is necessary for transferring presentation. It has three unique USB ports of varying types and each type has a different format. 

Apple MacBook Air

Reasons to Buy

Easy file exchange 

Fast SSD storage 

2 USB ports 

Reasons to Avoid

Heavily priced 

Apple MacBook Air is an amazing device that is integrated with a significant amount of technology. A user when visiting the electronic market or searching for sufficient laptops always draws towards Apple laptops.

Apple laptops speak for themselves as they have a hard shiny exterior and the overall quality of the device looks great. Apple MacBook Air is a simple laptop with no touch technology but it has other features that work sufficiently for seniors who have to constantly struggle with advanced technology.

It has a 1.8 GHz quad core processor, it has an i5 quad core processor that works effectively to perform better. It has an HD graphic 6000 which is integrated with the purpose of providing good quality visuals. The Apple MacBook Air has fast SSD storage which is required because we exchange so many files per day.

We live in a world where we want everything to be super rapid and work at a faster pace. Apple provides exactly what we require and works even better for our needs. It has an 8GB memory which is sufficient to support the mechanisms.

It also has an auto-tone technology which enhances the color gradient and has proper functions to improve the color quality of the picture and videos. It has two USB ports that work for varying causes but one acts as a charger while others as a rapid file exchanger. 

ASUS Chromebook

Reasons to Buy

Google operating system 

Rubber protection 

Automatic boot 

Reasons to Avoid

Heavy weight 

Not a long battery life 

The ASUS Chromebook is quite an exciting device as it has all the features and tools one desired for. As a senior person, it is important to have a laptop that is your savior in problematic situations. A senior is usually confused about what laptop to buy because there are plenty of them available in the market and each laptop has similar features.

It is important for a user to look closely and then determine the features they require within a laptop. ASUS Chromebook is loaded with features that can satiate the electronic requirement of a senior. The ASUS Chromebook is a light-weight laptop with a hard-shell exterior.

The exterior of the laptop saves the laptop from getting damaged when it falls from a significant height. This laptop is easy to grip and has a spill resistant keyboard. The spill resistant keyboard allows an individual to carry it roughly without worrying about major damages.

The rubber covering on the laptop protects the laptop against any scratches that might appear on its exterior. It provides you access to Google Docs, Excel file, and other sufficient applications.

These applications allow the user to work smartly because it has a lot of features that allow the seniors to draft documents properly and save them easily as well. It has a Google operating system along with automatic boot and system update mechanism. 

Final Verdict 

A laptop is one electronic device that is considered most crucial for individuals working or staying home. A laptop holds different meanings to each person and each person has different preferences. Well, if we talk about seniors and their laptop choices, it is easily understandable that they want a device that is easy to use. 

A person who has significant experience would choose a laptop that has all the features and lasts longer. Durability is one factor that no one wants to miss out on while selecting a laptop. Senior people are more sensitive about things and want a device that is hassle free. It does not mean that an individual who is a senior may not be tech savvy.

Hence, it is important to look for a device that is a moderate combination of modern as well as technical mechanisms. Sometimes a laptop contains a lot of complex analogies and internet tools that are complex for seniors. A laptop with easy tools and a detailed manual in a simple language fits well with the needs of seniors.

If you are looking for a laptop to give to a senior member at your house, pay special attention to the features. Look for a laptop that fit s well with their abilities. An elaborate list is provided above, you can have a look and shortlist the ones you think will be best for a senior.

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