Best 17-inch laptops under $1000: Top Reviewed for 2022

Thinking about getting a 17-inch laptop for under $1000? Here are 10 of the best laptops in that price range. All of these laptops have great features and will allow you to play the latest games or stream your gameplay. So, which one is right for you? 

17-inch laptops offer gamers a big screen to enjoy their favorite games on. Compared to smaller laptops, 17-inch laptops provide a more immersive gaming experience. With a larger screen, gamers can see more of the game world and have a better view of the action. Additionally, 17-inch laptops tend to have higher-quality graphics than smaller laptops. This is due to the fact that 17-inch laptops have more powerful GPUs and better cooling systems. As a result, gamers who want the best possible gaming experience should consider investing in a 17-inch laptop.

Remember that not all of these laptops come with a dedicated graphics card, so if gaming is your primary concern, you may want to consider shelling out a bit more cash for one of the higher-end models. But overall, these are all excellent choices for anyone looking for a powerful laptop without spending too much money.

Quick Buying Guides:

Next-level CPU: A processor, or CPU, is the central processing unit of a computer system and is responsible for carrying out the instructions of a computer program. It performs all the basic operations such as fetching, decoding, executing instructions, and managing memory and input/output devices. A sound processor is essential for gaming laptops, as it needs to be able to handle the demands of 3D graphics and complex game mechanics. If you experience any freeze-ups or slowdowns while playing games on your laptop, it is likely that your processor is not up to the task. In this case, it is essential to get your processor repaired or upgraded as soon as possible in order to avoid any further issues.

GPU: A graphics card is one of the most important components of a gaming computer. It is responsible for processing and rendering the graphics that are displayed on the screen. A good graphics card will be able to handle the most demanding games without skipping a frame. On the other hand, a poor-quality graphics card can result in a choppy and laggy gaming experience. In addition to gaming, a graphics card can also be used for tasks such as video editing and 3D modeling. When shopping for a new graphics card, it is crucial to consider the type of games you will be playing and your budget. You can find the perfect graphics card for your needs with careful consideration.

4K Screen resolution: Gaming laptops have come a long way in recent years. They used to be bulky, expensive, and Notorious for their poor battery life. But today’s gaming laptops are slim, powerful, and loaded with features that make them ideal for both gaming and everyday use. One of the essential features of any gaming laptop is its display. Most gaming laptops now offer Full HD or 4K displays, which provide stunning visuals and make games look more realistic than ever before. Another critical factor to consider is performance. Gaming laptops are equipped with powerful processors and high-end graphics cards that can handle even the most demanding games. Finally, many gaming laptops now come with features like backlit keyboards and RGB lighting that add a touch of style and make them more visually!

Storage: When it comes to buying a new laptop, one of the first things you’ll want to consider is how much storage space you need. With all of the new options available on the market today, it’s easy to find a computer with plenty of storage to suit your needs. However, it’s also essential to keep in mind that data loss can happen at any time. Whether you accidentally delete a file or your computer crashes, losing data is always possible. As such, it’s crucial to have a backup plan in place. There are some different ways to backup your data, so be sure to choose the option that best suits your needs. You can rest assured that your data will be safe by taking these precautions!

RAM: There are many reasons why someone might need more than 16 gigs of memory. Maybe you’re a power user with many demanding applications, or you just want to future-proof your system. Whatever the reason, there are affordable options available. Prices for 32GB kits start at around $100, and there are even 64GB kits available for less than $200. So, if you need more than 16 gigs of memory, there’s no need to break the bank. There are plenty of affordable options out there.

Touchscreen Feature: If you’re looking for the perfect laptop, one feature that should be considered is if it has a touchscreen display. The most popular app among these types of computers users is graphics programs and games!

Preferred Games: Touchscreen laptops have become increasingly popular in the past few years, especially among creative professionals and gamers. One of the most significant advantages of a touchscreen display is the increased level of control it offers. When it comes to graphics programs and games, directly interacting with the screen can make a big difference in terms of accuracy and precision. Another benefit of touchscreen laptops is that they tend to be more lightweight and portable than their non-touch counterparts. This makes them ideal for users who need to travel frequently or who want to take their computer with them on the go. Whether you’re a graphic designer, a gamer, or just someone who likes the idea of a more interactive computing experience, a touchscreen laptop may be the perfect choice for you.

Design and Look: A laptop is not just an accessory to design with but also a tool that provides many benefits. The size of your workstation will determine what type you should have for it to be most efficient and effective – which means we’ve got something sleek & slim like these! You won’t have any worries about bulky spaces around us when working on projects or meeting during lunchtime because our hardware can easily fit into tight spots without looking too big advertisement its purpose – making sure all attention goes towards whatever task requires to focus instead. We understand that not everyone needs a full-blown computer with all the bells and whistles, which is why laptops exist: they compact everything into one neat little package while still providing excellent processing power and portability.

Best 17-inch laptops under $1000:

Acer Nitro 5 – Best gaming laptop under $1000

Acer Nitro 5 – Best gaming laptop under $1000


Ergonomic Keyboard


Good for entry-level gamers

17-inch laptop



  • 9th Generation Intel Core i5-9300H Processor (Up to 4.1 GHz)
  • 15.6 inches Full HD Widescreen IPS LED-backlit display; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics with 4 GB of dedicated GDDR5 VRAM

Are you looking for a high-end 17-inch gaming laptop that won’t break your bank? The Nitro 5 may be a perfect choice. With a powerful performance from an AMD Ryzen 5 Quad-Core Processor and NVIDIA graphics card, this 17-inch machine can play any game at its best with features such as larger screens to enjoy games in comfort, a Cybertouch touch input system that improves accuracy on all surfaces including glass or metal pads depending upon what type of player they want it most apply too! There’s also an HDMI port, so friends/family members can share anything happening within their screen while using another device simultaneously – not just video content but still images too! Finally, we have Intel Wireless AC 9560, where two streams allow users control over different apps.

If you’re looking for power in an attractive and portable design, the Acer Nitro 5 is perfect. With up to 8th Gen Intel Core i7 Processing Power coupled with Full HD Display capabilities tailored towards meeting your needs today and tomorrow, this laptop has it all!

The Nitro 5 is the perfect balance of form and function. The sleek, light magnesium-alloy chassis will keep your laptop durable while still being thin enough for any bag or pocketbook – no matter how small! Its metal finish and cutting-edge fabric patterns on crucial parts such as display hinges really make this machine stand out from all others in its class!

The Full HD screen provides excellent picture clarity with fast refresh rates to produce accurate images in any situation. With the use of an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card, you will have no problems navigating complicated game worlds or creating that next excellent video project while keeping up with your daily desires without slowing down! This device comes with fully stocked 8GBs memory to satisfy every need possible for users looking for high-end 17-inch laptops under 1000 dollars!

The new Acer device is a sleek and stylish addition to your desk or coffee table. It has cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology, security software with Bluetooth capabilities that can rival any other machine on the market today – not just because it’s from their line of work but also in design alone!

Acer Aspire 7

Acer Aspire 7


Good overall performance

Best for Graphics Designers

Decent look

Good battery timing


Overheating issue

  • A new dimension of gaming performance awaits – with 9th-generation Intel Core i5 processors, the IdeaPad L340 gaming has the power you need to outshoot, outrun, and outsmart anyone. Includes 8GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB NVMe SSD
  • Take it to the next level – With the latest NVIDIA GeForce Graphics behind you, you can tame the hottest titles with faster, smoother, and more power-efficient gameplay. Plus, the 15.6-Inch screen delivers a stunning full HD IPS Display with 1920 x 1080 resolution

The Acer Aspire 7 laptop is ideal for those who need a daily driver with processing power and graphics performance at their disposal. Most professionals know that other laptops in the same price range cannot keep up because of outdated or budget components. Still, now you can get both without having any worries, thanks to this 3-year warranty! The Best Runner Up 17 Inch Laptop under 1000 will perform well enough, so your needs aren’t compromised while saving money over time – all good things come back around eventually (even if they’re not exactly sure when).

The Best Runner-Up 17 Inch Laptop Under 1000 has a safe, powerful processor and so much storage! And the graphics card is excellent too. You won’t have to worry about battery life either because it lasts up 8 hours on one charge with all these features; you would be hard-pressed not to consider this laptop as your next purchase Lightweight design makes editing photos or gaming while traveling easy – and its aluminum chassis means no holds barred when taking care of business at any given time!

This 17-inch laptop is the perfect gadget for gamers on the go. With its powerful graphics card, you’ll be able to play your favorite games without any lag or framerate issues! Plus, it has wide viewing angles so that everyone can enjoy watching content together when in tablet mode – plus, there’s RealTouch protection built right into these babies, which ensures all of their data files stay safe no matter what happens during data transmission!

Keep your work in the best possible hands with this computer that has been designed to ensure comfort and accuracy while you type. The 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution provides every document, design, or game is seen as it should be!

You can now work and play like a pro with this powerful laptop with enough battery life to last up 7 hours at full power. It also features an Intel® Gigabit Ethernet LAN connection, allowing you super-fast internet speeds whether access from the office or coffee shop!

Lenovo Newest L340

Lenovo Newest L340


Luminous Display

17-inch laptop




Lacks in storage

  • A new dimension of gaming performance awaits – with 9th-generation Intel Core i5 processors, the IdeaPad L340 gaming has the power you need to outshoot, outrun, and outsmart anyone. Includes 8GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB NVMe SSD
  • Take it to the next level – With the latest NVIDIA GeForce Graphics behind you, you can tame the hottest titles with faster, smoother, and more power-efficient gameplay. Plus, the 15.6-Inch screen delivers a stunning full HD IPS Display with 1920 x 1080 resolution

If you’re looking for a perfect laptop to take on the go and handle your everyday tasks, then Lenovo’s L340 is just what you need! This 17-inch model comes with an Intel Core i5 processor and AMD Radeon R5 Graphics 2GB memory. It also has one of the highest resolutions screens at 1400 x 900 pixels, so watching videos will be easy!

The Lenovo Newest L340 is your perfect traveling partner! With an energy-efficient LED backlight and AMD Ryzen 5, you can go anywhere without worry. Enjoy 24 months of warranty from Lenovo if anything happens on the road ahead.

The Lenovo Newest L340 is a 17-inch laptop that’s perfect for users on the go. This affordable machine has enough power to run demanding applications without slowing down. It also comes with ample storage at up 1TB SSD hard drive, so you’ll never have trouble finding room in your backpack or bag!

If you’re looking for a device that can keep up with your busy lifestyle, then this is a perfect choice. With USB-C 3rd generation ports and 2nd gen USB Type-A connectors to connect all of those devices in between, people are going crazy over this laptop!

The laptop is equipped with a Windows 10 Home operating system, allowing you to easily convert files from one format into another and find all your data in one place. Plus, it features an Intel Core i3 processor—which means apps launch faster or take less time startup for more efficient operation making daily work go by quicker than ever before!

The Lenovo L340 offers everything you need to get work done, whether it be entertainment or research. And with its Windows 10 Home operating system at your fingertips and all of these great features included in one affordable price point – there really isn’t anything else like this on the market today!

MSI GF75 Thin – Premium 17-inch laptop

MSI GF75 Thin – Premium 17-inch laptop


Hot red keycaps

RGB backlit illumination

Best for next-level gaming

Stable performance

Long-lasting battery backup


No Optimus Feature

MSI GF75 17.3″ Gaming Laptop, i5-10300H, 8GB, 128GB SSD+1TB

If you’re looking for a lightweight laptop that can travel quickly, the MSI GF75 Thin might be right up your alley. This device has an exceptionally durable chassis and will not weigh down too much, whether on-field or in school!

MSI has a new mobile chip that can handle all your tasks without slowing down. With its Intel Core i5-10300H processor, you’ll be able to work on applications like FL Studio and QuickBooks with no problems, thanks in part due to the hyperthreading technology, which lets each core do something – so even though it only has four cores total, this means better multitasking capabilities for any professional user!

Gaming isn’t just for the elite anymore, with MSI’s new GEFORCE GTX 1650 delivering quality performance at mid-physically based settings. It has enough power to run several demanding titles like PUBG Mobile or Fortnite on an average 1080p display without breaking too much sweat! With 8GB of high-speed RAM coupled alongside a massive 512 GB SSD, this Turing GPU will have you playing your favorite games in no time!

The MSI Leonard 17.3-Inch Laptop packs one of the best gaming laptops for those who want to play games with a Full HD display and enjoy high refresh rates without sacrificing portability or battery life!

The MSI GF75 Thin is a portable 17-inch behemoth with its powerful hardware and top-notch connectivity. It features two speakers for clear audio output with anti-ghosting support onboard an alongside backlit keyboard that can last up to 60 hours when used! The durability comes thanks to having a strong yet light structural unit that weighs 4 pounds.

ASUS TUF Gaming F17

ASUS TUF Gaming F17


Hot yellow keycaps

Gamers’ first preference

Price friendly

Considerable GPU performance


Battery timing

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti 4GB GDDR6 Graphics up to 1585MHz at 80W TGP
  • Quad-core Intel Core 15-10300H Processor (8M Cache, up to 4.5 GHz, 4 cores)

The ASUS TUF Gaming F17 is a 17-inch laptop that can handle all your high-end gaming needs. It offers performance similar to more expensive laptops while still being affordable for those on tight budgets, making it one of our top picks!

What’s the best processor for gaming? The Intel Core i5-10300H is a no-brainer. This six-core, twelve-thread chip, with its boost speed up to 4.5GHz, will give you more than enough power when playing any game on max graphics settings or doing complicated tasks like designing models in 3D programs like Maya!

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti GPU boosts the Polaris 11/21 core and can easily manage games like Overwatch, Minecraft, or The Division. We recommend running older titles on Ultra 720p settings if you want better frame rates throughout all playtime scenes in these titles!

It’s essential not only when choosing between different brands but also within individual models that there is variation, so consumers know what they’re getting into before buying them!

The ASUS TUF Gaming F17 is a high-end gaming laptop with enough power to handle any game at 1080p, even those that are advanced or heavily graphics demanding. It has 8GB RAM that multitasks smoothly without freezing up on you while also having a storage space of 512 GB SSD where all your files will be saved during gameplay sessions, making this bad boy fast as lightning!

The 17.3-inch display stands out thanks to a generous size and high resolution, which is perfect for professionals in the field of CAD or graphic designing because it offers ample space without compromising on quality when working with images/graphics files etc., On top, there’s also IPS panel performance, so your eyes will always enjoy crisp visuals, even from extreme angles! And if you need more convincing? Then take note that this laptop contains narrow bezels around its screen coupled with backlit keyboard design elements – all contributing towards total immersion during work hours!

With 6-hour battery life, the ASUS TUF Gaming F17 is perfect for gamers who want to game with larger displays. This computer can be used by people looking at any budget under $1000!

Asus VivoBook 17

Asus VivoBook 17



Good for professional use

Best battery life

Bright display


Integrated GPU

Low clock speed

  • 17.3 inch HD+ (1600×900) 4 way NanoEdge-bezel display with stunning 85% screen-to-body ratio
  • Powerful Intel Core i5-826U Processor with Windows 10 Home

If you need a laptop with a large screen, this is one of the best options. The price has been kept reasonable, and it’s designed for everyone who was looking forward to that specific feature! 

This laptop’s sleek and portable design makes it easy to take anywhere you need a little power. With the latest AMD Ryzen 7 3700U processor, multitasking will be effortless for any task that comes your way! You’ll love how lightweight 3 pounds feels in hand. Its thin profile makes carrying around on long journeys practical without sacrificing durability or quality performance throughout constant use.

The 17-inch screen is perfect for gaming sessions. The ASUS software enhancement provides richer, deeper, and more accurate colors to any type of content you’re viewing. Its rich quality images combined from an AMD Radeon Vega 10 graphics card can enable light gameplay even on low settings!

The 12GB of RAM and 512 GB, of SSD storage capacity will be a massive breakthrough with up to 10x faster data read/write speeds. The backlit keyboard allows you to work even in low light, making this laptop perfect for any professional who needs their tools at hand when they’re on stage or behind closed doors!

We found that the battery life of this laptop is not as good when compared with other laptops in terms of web browsing only. However, it can last for 9 hours which might be enough if you’re going on vacation and don’t want to carry your charger everywhere!

The ports are spread out across four different locations on this device, which will make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for in any situation. You can connect with USB-C (Gen1), 3 Type-A jacks, or even HDMI & Headphone/Mic resources if necessary!

Lenovo Ideapad 3

Lenovo Ideapad 3


Pocket-friendly option

Best for entry-level gamers

Considerable for daily use

More SSD storage


Low CPU GPU combo

  • The IdeaPad 3 17-inch laptop is the ultimate notebook for performance at home and beyond, built with an AMD Ryzen 5 5500U Processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM, and 512GB SSD storage
  • Expect more from your entertainment on the massive 17-inch HDplus display with AMD Integrated Radeon 7 Graphics. Dolby Audio delivers crystal-clear sound so whether you’re watching a video, streaming music, or video-chatting, you’re sure to love what you see and hear

The Lenovo Ideapad 3 offers excellent power, performance, and storage balance. It’s well equipped for the modern user with its 17-inch screen that can be taken anywhere! 

The second-generation AMD Ryzen 7 3700U quad-core processor with adequate processing power enables users to run multiple applications simultaneously, including design software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Despite sharing system memory for its purposes, this Powerful graphics card, such as gameplay, keeps your application running smoothly whether you are working on a document or playing next-level games!

This laptop is perfect for multitasking! It has an 8GB DDR4 SDRAM, which will allow you to switch back and forth between programs with ease. In addition, this system comes equipped with Windows 10 Home edition installed on it as well so that the user-friendly interface can easily manage your operating system.

This 17.3-inch laptop is perfect for multitasking with its 8GB DDR4 SDRAM, 512 GB SSD, and 1TB HDD offering speed or ample storage space depending on your needs; it also comes equipped in Windows 10 home edition, which makes this device user friendly! The LED-backlit screen allows you to see all those fine details as they come out from high-quality images/videos, thanks be energy efficiency engines!

The laptop’s large screen size and matte silver finish make it feel like a heavy-duty machine. It has two USB 3 ports, an SD card reader for added storage space that can also be used as the input device of your choosing when connected with other devices through Bluetooth or Wireless networking options available on this model; there is one HDMI port plus audio jack, so you’re all set!

With a powerful processor, 8 GB of RAM, and plenty of storage for media or work alike, the Ideapad is perfect if you want to do some creative thinking. Anti-glare screen size is ideal when it comes time to get things done at home as well!

The keyboard offers optimal key placements and ample key travel for long typing sessions with larger screen size. Additionally, it comes with a touchpad that operates smoothly, making this laptop perfect for use on your lap or desktop!

HP 17

HP 17


Better battery performance

17-inch laptop

IPS display

Good for daily use


Worst clock speed

Integrated GPU

  • 【Memory & Storage】The PC memory has been upgraded to 16GB DDR4 SDRAM for enhanced high bandwidth to easily switch back and forth between open applications; Hard drive has been upgraded to 1TB Hard Disk Drive for ample storage space
  • 【Processor】11th Gen i7-1165G7 Processor (4 Cores, 8 Threads, 12MB Cache, 2.80 GHz base frequency, up to 4.70 GHz max turbo frequency), built-in security features

HP’s 17 has all the features you could hope for in a laptop and then some. The sleek profile makes it one of our favorites on this list – not only does its massive storage space offer plenty to work with but so too does having a nTune exclusive that allows gamers to get their fix without sacrificing performance or battery life! 

The high-speed 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD are perfect for multitasking, making this laptop an excellent choice. With the integrated UHD graphics card, you’ll be able to enjoy a few casual games without any hiccups or laggy performance!

The Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor houses inside of HP’s latest laptops, which can assume turbo clock speeds up o 3.6GHz while featuring a quad-core architecture and being most impressed by its power efficiency and way keeping temperatures within standards that you would expect from this type laptops!

The 17-inch screen is all about visual brilliance, and the WLED backlit technology further characterizes it. Productivity-wise, you get support for a Chiclet keyboard with Numeric Keypad, excellent travel typing skills, and stereo speakers that will keep your eyes busy watching videos or playing games on this gorgeous display! 

Other attributes include reliable HD webcam serviceable microphones, which means no more Skype calls during work hours because their volume can be adjusted easily without leaving whatever program we’re doing right now.

The HP 17 has everything you need in a notebook – it’s got longevity, connectivity, and performance! This is the best seventeen-inch laptop out there if gaming isn’t required.

Dell Inspiron 17

Dell Inspiron 17


Optimized for gaming

Best battery performance

Dedicated GPU

A good amount of RAM


Low amount of SSD

Low clocking speed

  • Processor 11th Generation Intel Core i7-1165G7 Processor (12MB Cache, up to 4.7 GHz)
  • 17.0-inch QHD+ (2560 x 1600) Truelife Touch Narrow Border IPS Display (touch screen)

The Dell Inspiron 17 offers the best of both worlds, combining professional performance with popular mobile lifestyles. It features an Intel Core i7 processor and fast storage to keep your data safe no matter what you’re doing on this powerful machine! 

With a 2TB HDD for static files and 256GB NVMe-compatible SSD, this laptop is perfect if you plan on doing some light work such as business accounting or academics with the MS Office suite. The 16GB RAM means that it can handle anything from these applications without breaking down too much. Still, we recommend investing in something more high in demand like gaming since their needs tend to be heavier than most people’s everyday lives require them too!

The Intel Core i7-1065G7 mobile SoC, best known for its turbo clock speeds up to 3.9GHz, and power efficiency makes the Inspiron 17 cool even though it contains more demanding applications, thanks in part due to an entry-level GeForce MX230 GPU working side by side with 2GB dedicated VRAM. The perfect partnership between processor & graphics card allows users creative tasks such as photo editing or video production without worrying about overheating issues!

The Inspiron 17 is a beautiful, rugged laptop with enough power to get any job done. The battery life lasts up long hours of work, and there are dual speakers built-in for when you need an extra sound boost! You’ll love how thin this bad boy still feels on your lap even though it has all these features; plus, we’ve got plenty of ports – Type  C & A USB slots and HDMI output so that nothing prevents connecting other devices like printers or monitors wirelessly too!

The 17-inch anti-glare LED display provides a sharp and vibrant experience for everything from work to play. The solid-state drive boots up Windows 10 Home in less time than before, so you can get on with your day quicker!

The Dell Inspiron 17 offers an impressive 7 hours of battery backup, making it one of the better professional laptops on today’s market.

Acer Aspire 5

Acer Aspire 5


Better clock speed

A good amount of SSD+HDD

Fast response rate

A good option for entry-level gaming

Price friendly


No Optimus Feature


  • Great performance meets long battery life with the Intel Core i5-1135G7 Processor – up to 4.20 GHz, 4 cores, 8 threads, 8 MB Intel Smart Cache
  • 17.3″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Widescreen LED-backlit Display | Intel Iris Xe Graphics

Acer’s best-selling Aspire 5 laptop is perfect for the modern family. It has a 17.3 inch full HD display and a 7th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, making it great as both a notebook or tablet to take on vacation! 

This keyboard is the perfect solution for people who are always on their feet. Its durable metal cover and sleek design will withstand spills, while its custom ergonomic layout makes typing less painful so that you can work through long projects with ease!

Acer Aspire 5 is the perfect laptop for any size room. This slim, 17-inch device packs powerful features into its sleek profile so you can do everything from homework in college to video chat with your grandparents without ever feeling laggy or architecture out of date!

Intel Iris Xe graphics and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti VRAM will be the perfect pairing for your next high-refresh gaming PC. With up to 512GB SSD storage, this laptop has all of your needs covered with dual speakers plus battery life options – it’s truly the best in class!

Acer’s latest Aspire 5 has a USB 3.2 Gen 1 port that provides up to 5 Gbps connection speeds and offers the most advanced biometric security with facial recognition scanning for an even safer user experience!

The Acer Aspire 5 is the perfect device for all your entertainment needs. With its stunning Full HD display plus stereo speakers with Dolby Audio Premium technology, you’ll be able to experience movies in crisp clarity and captured sounds alike come alive through captivating visuals thanks to this high-end system’s advanced audio processing capabilities!


So, if you are looking for a powerful laptop that can handle your gaming needs and also offer you plenty of screen real estate, any of the laptops on our list would be a great choice. If you have been using a different laptop up until now, let us know what it was in the comments below. We’d love to hear about your experience!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the best 17-inch laptop to buy?

Choosing the best 17-inch laptop depends on a number of factors, including budget, performance needs, and desired features. The Dell G7 17 Gaming Laptop is a good option for those who need powerful gaming or video editing machine. It has a large screen and fast processing speeds, making it ideal for demanding tasks.

Q: Is a 17-inch laptop good?

A 17-inch laptop can be a good choice for many users. Its large screen size makes it well-suited for gaming, watching movies, and working on creative projects. Additionally, its larger footprint provides room for a more powerful processor and graphics card, making it a good choice for users who need extra performance. On the downside, 17-inch laptops can be heavy and difficult to carry, and their large screens can drain battery life quickly.

Q: What is the best resolution for a 17-inch laptop?

When it comes to buying a new laptop, the resolution is an important consideration. For a 17-inch laptop, the best resolution is 1920×1080. This resolution provides a clear and sharp image, making it ideal for watching movies or working on creative projects. In addition, 1920×1080 is the most common resolution for 17-inch laptops, so it is easy to find replacement parts or software that is compatible with this resolution. 

Q: Is 4k worth it on a 17-inch laptop?

There’s no easy answer when it comes to whether 4k is worth it on a 17-inch laptop. The primary benefit of 4k is that it offers incredibly sharp and detailed images. This can be especially helpful if you’re working with high-resolution photos or video editing. However, the drawback is that 4k requires a lot of processing power, which can quickly drain your laptop’s battery. 

Q: Does HP make a 17-inch laptop?

HP does not currently make a 17-inch laptop. However, they did at one point in time. The HP Pavilion 17 was a popular model that was released in 2013. It featured a full HD display and powerful specs for its time. However, HP discontinued Pavilion 17 in 2015. Since then, they have not released another 17-inch laptop. 

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